Kids Toys Sale Business Proposal

I am writing this to thank you for taking out time yesterday to discuss the project of a kid’s toys sale. The main idea is to have a store selling all quality toys for kids of all ages and genders. We are confident that our skilled staff will be able to fulfill all your needs. Please read through this proposal and if there are any queries, contact us. We are hopeful that our relationship will be fruitful.

Kate Jackson
Operations Manager
ABC Toys


ABC Toys is located at XYZ, and it is a new kid’s toys sale business focusing on providing toys of all sorts to kids of every age. The products that will be present will include those that are of all costs produced by local and international manufacturers.


This business is independently owned. It aims to provide educational toys like blocks; sports toys like bats, balls, and hockey sticks; toys for girls such as dolls, and doll houses; toys for boys like cars, action figures, etc. The business aims to include all types of toys so that parents can find something for all their kids in one place.

We will have a brick-and-mortar store as well as an online one. There will be the delivery of goods to those who order online. The company aims to provide potential customers with a good experience so that they will come back for more.

Our Projects

The company has other toy businesses spread across the country. All our stores focus on providing a variety of toys so that every kid can find something that they will like. The brick-and-mortar stores have a fun and exciting environment where kids enjoy the shopping experience.

Our Services

Our services include the following items:

  • Toys for boys
  • Toys for girls
  • Toys for all ages
  • Sports toys
  • Educational toys
  • Fun and creative toys

Industry Analysis

We carried out an extensive analysis of the toy business in the US. This is a prosperous one estimated to be around $[amount] billion. Americans are interested in buying all sorts of toys, especially educational ones for their kids. Toy purchases are increasing at a progressive rate.

Customer Analysis

ABC Toys aims to serve the residents of Los Angeles. We will be providing services to people across the country as well. The people we want to serve to include those of the middle class and upper class. We hope that these individuals will be interested in spending cash on toys.

Management Team

ABC Toys is owned by Mr. XYZ who has been involved in this business for nearly 20 years. He has been involved in running the store by himself since he started it off. Therefore, Mr. XYZ has vast experience in this field which he can use to progress this business further.

He has also taken part in toy conventions across the country which focus on letting business owners know how to make a toy business succeed in this competitive industry.

Mr. XYZ has been focusing on toys and kids for some years now. He graduated from the University of ABC.

Marketing Plan

ABC Toys will aim to give the best and high-quality toys in every price range to people. We aim to make kids have a good experience when they shop with us. Therefore, we focus on creating child-friendly stores which allow kids to be actively involved in the purchasing process. The staff is experienced in handling kids and making them feel comfortable. There will be a friendly and fun atmosphere in all our stores.

ABC Toys has seen that the target audience includes individuals staying within a 10-mile radius of this store mostly. However, we also focus on providing toys to kids across the country. This business will be promoted in different ways so that kids and their parents or guardians can know all about us. We will do this through direct mail, public relations, and advertising. We will take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook.

Competitive Analysis

The below toy stores are located within a 10-mile radius of ABC Toys and are also active online, therefore having a direct or even indirect competition on this store:

Toys for All

Toys for All has had its store in this area for 24 years, therefore, they are established here. The store is an exciting one where kids can enjoy themselves.

Toys for All mostly focuses on providing rather expensive toys. They do not have a variety of cheaper toys. People can find these at ABC Toys. The store does not have an e-commerce store as well unlike ABC Toys.

Nikko’s Toys

Nikko’s Toys is a new toy store located close to ABC Toys. They are a new business trying to establish itself in the toy industry. However, much cash has been spent on the store so that it attracts kids to want to visit it.

Nikko’s Toys does not have many toys like ABC Toys. Postnatal customers may want to visit our store knowing they can find everything here.

Financial Plan

ABC Toy’s revenues aim to be coming from selling the toys. The main expenses that the business will face include the costs for buying the toys that need to be sold, salaries paid to the staff, promoting our products online, and rent for the store.

ABC Toy needs funding of $[AMOUNT] so that they can launch this exciting store.

Buying toys$[PRICE]
Renovating the area$[PRICE]
Paying staff$[PRICE]
Creating an effective e-commerce store$[PRICE]

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Kids Toys Sale Business Proposal