Land Acquisition Proposal Letter

It is a special type of formal letter in which the person who wants to acquire the land writes his intent to acquire the land. The acquisition can be by purchasing the property or by renting it and it depends on how much the sender of the proposal can afford.

The proposal letters are formal written correspondence between two parties in which, one of the parties shows its intention to take hold of the property. These letters include an offer owing to which, they are known as proposal letters.

Businesses often target land that they find useful from their business point of view. Therefore, whenever they come to know that the owner of the property is interested in handing over his property to someone, they send him a proposal. The purpose of this proposal is to convince the seller of the property to allow the sender to procure the land.


When you write this letter, you should make sure that you provide all those details that are required by the landowner. This is the only way you can win over him and successfully convince him into accepting your offer. Below are some instructions regarding things that can be added to this letter to make it a useful piece of paper:

Details of the property:

The land does not belong to you but since you are referring to it, you must know its details such as the total area. If the reader has multiple lands available for procurement, this reference will help him.

Discuss the terms and conditions:

Since you want to procure the land of the reader, the reader will always be interested in knowing how much benefit you can bring to him. So, discuss the terms and conditions under which you are ready to procure his land. The conditions include the total amount you are ready to pay, a timeline for making the payment, the mode of payment, and some other important elements.

Remember that this part of the letter is not just for the seller. It is also for you and you should also write those clauses that can protect you.

Mention your expectations:

Every person who writes the intent has some expectations. It is important to mention those expectations so that the reader can know what you want him to do. Some people also add a separate section for giving the call to action.

This section states and tells the reader that his feedback or the response is required and the kind of response that is required. Some people also give their contact details which also means giving the call to action.

If you have any confusion regarding this letter, you can read the sample land procurement letter given below.

Letter Template for Free

Subject: Land acquisition proposal letter for [DETAILS]

Respected sir,

This proposal letter states the conditions under which (mention the name of the purchaser), will enter into a purchase agreement to purchase the property, a reference of which has been given above. 

The terms and conditions of acquiring the land are:

Name of the seller: ________________

Name of the buyer: ________________

  1. The purchase price of the property is fixed. There will not be any reduction in the price in case of unfavorable conditions such as floods.
  2. The purchase price is based on the gross land area and the seller cannot claim more money for any other part of the land later.
  3. The property will be entitled to any kind of development plan the purchaser or acquirer of the property wants to initiate.
  4. All the applicable rights that are for every type of property will also apply to the said property.

The price of the property with the area (mention the area) will be ______________ $

The purchaser will deposit this amount within the next 10 days. I hope that you will find this proposal feasible for your needs. If you have anything to discuss regarding this matter, feel free to contact me.

Name of the sender.

Land Acquisition Proposal Letter