Land Rental Proposal

What is a land rental proposal?

A land rental proposal is a document in which a person proposes the owner of the particular property in the form of land in order to lease it. The purpose of sending this rental proposal is to let the landowner know that you are interested in leasing the land owned by him.

What is the importance of writing the land rental proposal?

Generally, the landowners market whenever they have land to lease. However, if any person wants to lease the land owned by someone and he does not know whether that person wants to lease it or not, he can send him the proposal

What is included in the proposal?

The land rental proposal generally includes the following details:

  1. The name and contact details of the person who is sending this proposal
  2. The purpose of sending the proposal
  3. The description of the reason why he wants to lease the land owned by the recipient of the proposal
  4. For what duration the proposal sender wants to lease the property
  5. The amount of rent he is willing to pay

Benefits of using the rental proposal?

A land rental proposal is a very beneficial document that allows the person to convince the landowner to lease the land. With the help of this proposal, the person sending the proposal can clearly describe his intentions so that the landowner can think about whether to lease the land or not.

Sample Proposal Template

Prepared For

Jackson Robert
Portland, Oregon

Prepared by

Robert Smith
Portland, Oregon

June 10th, 2019

Dear Mr. Robert,

With reference to our last meeting on June 15th, 2019, about renting the land located on XYZ Street, we would like to propose a rental plan for your company. We are very much interested in the property and would like to use it to grow our restaurant Kitchen Garden. We are open to discussion if you want any changes to be made in the proposal.


Robert Smith

Company Introduction

We run a Japanese restaurant by the name of TOMO. At TOMO, guests enjoy delicious foods of Japanese origin. We provide a homely ambiance where good friends and families can meet often to share memorable times. Our Chefs have spent years to refine their culinary skills. They develop their menus around the available products in our own little garden. Hence, creativity is exercised while the menu remains interesting and elegant.


At TOMO, we believe in growing our own ‘stuff’. Kitchen gardens are becoming very common and popular. Nowadays, it is very important and essential to know what ingredients are being used while preparing and eating the food, and how they are produced. Our priority is that the raw food used by us must be free of preservatives and pesticides. We want to go organic and all-natural. Not only it is good for our health, but also provides peace of mind to the customers and eventually, to us. Our company has surveyed your property in XYZ area in Portland, and we want that particular land to be made into our personal restaurant Kitchen Garden. We would like to grow unique and exotic herbs, organic and fresh vegetables and fruits, which will add uniqueness and more flavor to our restaurant’s food. This will help us to have a backward integration of our raw materials by getting an efficient and cost-effective supply of fruits and vegetables.

Renter:                        TOMO Restaurant

Start Date:                   TBD

Time-Period:              2 years

Options for Renewal: TBD

Commencing:            Annual Rental: $10,000 per Year plus GST

Outgoings:                   Payable by TOMO Restaurant

Permitted Use:          Restaurant / Food Associates

Location:                     Located north of Hill Road, approximately 1 mile west of the Twin towers Portland.

Land Area:                  1 +/- Acres

Property Size

The total property size is 1.25 Acres. To crop 1 kilogram of each herb, we would require a space of 3×3 meters, approximately. The herbs we are planning to plant are Mint, Dill, Parsley, Oregano, and Coriander. We will use 2/3rd of the land to grow vegetables organically. The vegetables we are planning to grow are tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage. Also, we will grow fruits on the remaining land, including all sorts of berries, watermelon, pineapples, and bananas.

Project Timeline

Proposal Acceptance: As soon as you accept the proposal, we can have a detailed discussion about the expectations and prospects regarding the proposal.

Initiating the process: after the acceptance, both the parties can sign a Rental Agreement and initiate the process of leasing out the land to TOMO restaurant. We will get all the approvals required to start the project.

Preparing the land: Next step will be to prepare the land for growing the vegetables and herbs. This will require digging and several inches of organic material worked into the soil to improve its texture and balance.

Watering: We will be using techniques such as Mulching and Drip irrigation.

Harvesting the land: We will harvest the land occasionally as required. Herbs will be harvested as soon as they are almost ready. Vegetative parts will be harvested early when they are tender.

Employee Details

We will be hiring 5 employees for the maintenance and up-keeping of the garden. During the harvesting season, the number can go up to 7 employees.

Value of new Structure

The garden will certainly add anywhere between 5 to 20 percent to the total present value of the property.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our company will make the rental payment on the first day of each month.
  • Our company shall be bound to return the property in good condition.
  • A security deposit of $4,000 will be made, in case our company is unable to pay the rent for a particular month.
  • ABC shall act in accordance with all regulations of the State of Oregon.

Property Repair and Alteration

No structure or building shall be erected on the rental property unless permission obtained from ABC Company.

Maintenance of the location

Our company will be responsible for the maintenance of the premises of the land. We will be responsible for the repair during the term of this rental caused by fire and another unavoidable casualty which may arise.

Option to extend the Rental time-period

Our company shall have the option, upon approval by the ABC Company, to extend this rental agreement for a further period of 2 years.


Our company shall get all the approvals required to start the process, from the authorities, such as U.S Food and Drug Administration and U.S Department of Agriculture.

Contact us

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

Phone: 04554-34343333

E-mail: [Email]

Fax: 454115544

Website: [Website]



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