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XYZ Landscaping Proposal

We are two partners, Jonathan Harris and James Charles, and we wish to start our own landscaping business. This business will allow us to fulfill customers’ wishes and needs by designing and planting gardens and reshaping lawns and spaces. We will assist residential and private commercial businesses. We have firsthand knowledge about the types of plants that can be effortlessly mixed in various settings and sites. Providing our clients with the needed consultation and solutions to their landscaping problems, our aim will be customer satisfaction. As ABC is a top Venture capital firm and you support talented entrepreneurs, we would like you to provide us with the necessary finances to start up our business.


XYZ will provide lawn Landscaping, remodeling services, and Lawn care services, which will include:

  • Planning and Architectural designs
  • Foundation replacement and up-gradation
  • Cutting
  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Hedging
  • Planting
  • Patios, paths, and wall building

Business Summary

Operational hours:


Saturday-Sunday: 9am -6pm


Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles


Landscaping and lawn care services to Residential and Commercial businesses.


Total of 5 employees:

3 employees for the first year will be hired for services.

2 more employees will be hired the following year.


Our main objective for the first two years is as follows:

  • To expand our business with at least 5 different Hotels.
  • To expand our business in at least 5 Residential areas.
  • Recruit clients with annual service contracts so we can have a sustainable business model.

Business Ownership

We are currently 2 partners registered under the XYZ Landscaping business. It will be a privately held business in Los Angeles.

  • James Charles/ owner
  • Jonathan Harris/ owner

This business will contemplate a 50-50 equal partnership.


We have registered the name of the business with the Department of Trade and Industry and Local Government Unit.

Target Market

XYZ will focus on middle-class residential areas and 4-star Hotels. We believe that this type of market is more likely to benefit from our services and it will also be helpful for hotels and homeowners to avail of our expertise for their lawn and garden planning.

Market Analysis

According to the research carried out for our company, homeowners have big lawns but don’t have the vision or the skills to design their space according to their wishes. The same is the case with hotel chains. Our analysis shows that the following market needs to be tapped:

  • Constructors of commercial and residential properties who do not have their own staff of landscapers
  • Homeowners who don’t have the expertise or tools to design their gardens
  • New homeowners who wish to modernize the present landscaping
  • Homeowners who want to sell their houses and want to enhance their property with updated and restructured landscaping.


We are planning to advertise in all mediums, print, Internet, social media, and Radio, about the business. We will print ads in all the local newspapers and place ad banners on the internet to make people aware of our business services. Also,

  1. Website: We will create a website about the XYZ landscaping business. We will mention all the services that are being offered, along with the prices and offers.
  2. Social media pages: We will create social media pages and advertise our services.
  3. Newspaper: We will advertise in local newspapers to develop visibility for the XYZ Landscaping business.

Office Location

The location that we have chosen is on Sunset Boulevard and the shop number is 5.  It is 3,000 square feet shop available next to ABC stationery shop and we think it is an ideal location to set up our office for XYZ Landscaping business. The rent is reasonable and there is not much work needed to turn it into our required space. All the expenses for the office space renovation will be endured by the owners of XYZ.

Startup Cost

The details of the initial cost are:

Names Cost
Legal work $500
Insurance $10,000
Research and development $1,000
Equipment $15,000
Stationary $5,000
Others $3,000


The equipment required initially for the business will be as follows:

  • Office equipment
  • Lawnmowers
  • Repairing Tools
  • Blowers
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Safety Equipment
  • Vehicle
  • CCTV Cameras

All the legal paperwork will include getting approval from the concerned authorities, obtaining licenses, and permits.

Running Cost

Expenses for each month for the first fiscal year will be the following:

Names Cost/month Cost /year
Employee Salaries $4,000 $50,000
Office Rent $500 $6,000
Utility Bills $500 $6,000
Miscellaneous $500 $6,000
Total $5,500 $68,000



The staff salary will also be a running expense and the details are as follows:

Employee First-year Second-year
Manager $20,000 $20,000
Employee 2 $15,000 $15,000
Employee 3 $15,000 $15,000
Employee 4 $15,000
Employee 5 $15,000
Total $50,000 $80,000


Required Loan

To set up this business and sustain it, we will be needing a sum of approximately $110,000. We seek your esteemed firm to lend us this amount for three years.

Sales Forecast

We foresee that the business will start from the third month after receiving the loan, as the initial time will be utilized to set up, buying equipment, and hiring staff. Based on our estimation, we are expecting a stable income of around $2000-$5000 per month.

First-quarter: $80,000

Fiscal year: $130,000

Second fiscal year: $190,000


Landscaping Proposal

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