Learning and Development Proposal Letter

Re. Letter of Proposal for Learning and Development Training

Dear [NAME], I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from [ORGANIZATION]. I am pleased to write a letter of proposal to you for the learning and development training of the employees working in communication and planning. The department of communication, development and planning plays a big role in the marketing value of a company and its organizational value.

A company that has a great team to work in the communication, development, and planning department always gets double the benefits, value, and profits. Therefore, it is viable to invest in the learning and development of your team.


Generally, learning and development have to be put in place for the entire team of a company but in the wake of COVID-19 and the implicated restrictions, it has become highly difficult to manage a large number of trainees. Therefore, we have decided to work on consultancy, communication, planning, and development.

We have planned to work on the consultancy and communication by boosting the already skills of the workers. Your team working in the communication department has already been doing the best but training for learning and development always complements and enhances employees’ productivity.

Planning and development sectors get much knowledge of new trends and get a chance to equip themselves with the new ideas of business by maintaining good work relations with other companies and get a chance of learning from each other’s experiences.

We plan to initiate the training session from [DATE]. The session will be one month long and it will take one hour every day from Monday to Wednesday. To not bombard the employees with extra working hours, we plan to negotiate with the board of directors to make the training part of your office working hours. After getting the approval, our team will work on the training of learning and development through skill enhancement plans.

You are requested to look at the attached document for the complete plan and TORs of the program. The plan is flexible and prone to further changes. Find our contact details in the profile. Thank you.

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Re. Learning and Development Proposal Letter

Dear [NAME],

Learning and development have immense importance to engage employees, enhance their skills, polish the existing talent, and get more value and profit for the company. Businesses double their profit after realizing the importance of investment in the team they have.

Any business that works annually or biannually to enhance the productivity and efficiency of its workforce always gets more profit, recognition, satisfaction, and market value than the one that does not realize the importance of in-work training and learning sessions. Employees are also human beings who have done their degrees and diplomas in the past.

Trends and techniques in the business change with every passing day. Therefore, to keep your team updated with the new trends and to allure them to equip themselves with new technology and enhance their existing potential.

Learning and development are important for employee engagement too as the weariness and ennui feeling at work can cause slow work and less productivity, ultimately causing a decline in the market value and profit of the company. To invest in the training and learning of the employees is synonymous with investing in your business to get more profit and extra benefits.

It also improves employees’ behaviors, communication skills, confidence, and mutual relationships. It imparts professionalism in them and infuses them with the thought that employers realize their value and invest in their betterment.

We plan to start work on this by [DATE] and the training expects to start from [DATE] till [DATE]. The budget has not been finalized yet, but it is estimated to cost $[X]. More decisions could be made after negotiations, therefore, please schedule a meeting to discuss further.

Let us know about your earliest convenience and schedule of meeting at [EMAIL]. To discuss anything remotely, you can call our project manager at [PHONE] or [EMAIL]. Thank you.

Learning and Development Proposal Letter