Marketing Proposal Template

If you are a marketer and want to communicate some project to clients for consideration, then you can write a marketing proposal for it. This proposal gets designed to satisfy some client’s business goals. It is intended to persuade some prospect to actually become a customer. It can be certain to a kind of marketing, like social media marketing for instance.

What is a marketing proposal?

A marketing proposal tends to be a written document employed by marketers to communicate your project to a client specifically for consideration. This can encompass strategy ideas, the delivery time frames as well as estimated costs, particularly before finalizing the terms moreover signing some contract for approval.


How to write a marketing proposal?

  • Research your client– If you do not have written audience personas that can aid you in shaping the tone, language, and plan, etc. of the proposal then carry out research upon the client’s target audience, keywords or even topics, industry, past or current financials, products or also services, along with other required details. You should ask about the client’s pain points to be able to better address these.
  • The scope of Work– You should list a scope, particularly of work. A Scope of the work area in the marketing proposal needs to be present. It should detail your services moreover the ways that you plan to give these. This proposal needs to fulfill demands when it comes to marketing tasks which clients will not have the time and resources needed for business growth or also to meet other goals.
  • Give estimated time frames for the deliverables– The projected times for deliverables tend to be big factors concerning if prospective clients want to move forward concerning the contract process. Encompass estimated time frames specifically for deliverables such as social media calendars, etc. based on the resources, tools as well as time management that you have.
  • Costs and terms– An important factor in actually accepting some proposal tends to be the estimated costs of the project as well as the potential terms present in the agreement.
  • Show the ways that you will plan to measure results– There are different metrics that marketers have to measure results of the proposed work, such as organic or paid traffic, conversions along social media engagement.


There are different advantages present in a marketing proposal. These include the following:

  • It can develop a foundation of trust. You can position yourself like an expert and authoritative figure within your proposal so as to get trust early in the client-marketer relationship.
  • You can make yourself be able to stand out from the competitors.
  • One is able to communicate their products as well as services clearly with the help of a marketing proposal.

With a marketing proposal, the marketer can simply tell a client what their project will be so that they can consider if they want to be involved in the initiative. It is an important document that needs to be created properly.

Sample Template

Executive Summary

In the following proposal, we have analyzed and provided a complete marketing strategy that is expected to produce the desired outcome for [Client Company Name]. This proposal has been created after extensive research of the current and expected future market trends, current situation analysis, and the desired results expected by [Client Company Name].

Our Story

[Service Provider Company Name] is a company that has been providing assistance in the promoting and marketing of businesses for over [Number] of years. Our team has been able to build diverse experiences by working in a variety of markets and industries. [List of qualifications]. Through this experience, we hope to provide you with the services that meet your required standards, as well as your desired results.

Situation Analysis

Keeping up with the market trends helps in understanding the changing tastes and preferences of the consumers. The current trends in regards to the business of [Client Company Name] show [Trends description].

Furthermore, identifying the competitor’s strengths and weakness also help analyze the market. Through these identifying opportunities to promote the business becomes easier. The most recent weaknesses/strengths shown by competing businesses are as follows:


Strategy for Marketing and its Outcomes

There are many marketing and promotion strategies that allow consumers to communicate and maintain a healthy relationship with their favorite producers. Due to it being the era of technology and the internet, [Service Provider Company Name] clearly understands the importance of social media and other web portals.

Similarly, it is also important to engage consumers in real-time, through giveaways and discounted prices. These strategies help create a sense of affordability and care, which induces customer loyalty and also attracts other customers in the market.


The time period required for the implementation of the proposal varies according to the marketing strategies. The initial start-up process and ending process have been estimated to be over [Specified Time-Period]. While the expected time frame to complete the entire project for [Client Company Name], is [Specified Time-Period].

After the project is completed and set into motion, [Service Provider Company Name] will follow a scheduled routine. This routine will allow the company to maintain regular marketing and promotional activities for [Client Company Name]. For example, routine social media posts will help the [Client Company Name] engage their customers and communicate with them. Other added strategies will help maintain a loyal customer base for [Client Company Name].


The costs of the entire project depend first and foremost on the financial limit of the Client. [Service Provider Company Name] will analyze and choose the most suitable option of marketing for [Client Company Name], which stays both within the budget and also provide the best results.

According to the details provided by [Client Company Name], the estimated costs have been listed below:

[Breakdown of Variable Costs]

The other non-variable costs are as follows:

[Breakdown of Non-Variable Costs]

Terms and Conditions

For any contract amendments, clients are requested to analyze and discuss the contract in association with the representatives of the [Service Provider Company Name]. After the contractual agreement has officially been signed, no changes will be made to the contract.


In order to accept and start the process of this proposal, you are required to sign in the provided spaces. Please remember that after signatures, the proposal will be set into motion by [Service Provider Company Name]. For any queries, it is advised to discuss with the appointed representatives before the contract is signed and made official.

[Name of Service Provider]:

Representative: [Name], [Job Title]
[Company Details: Address, Phone Number]



[Name of Client Company]:

Representative: [Name], [Job Title]
[Company Details: Address, Phone Number]



Marketing proposal

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