Marriage Proposal Acceptance Letter

One of the biggest decisions anyone has to take in their life is the decision of getting married. Getting married is not only about the togetherness of two people. Rather, it is about two people and two families sharing their happiness and sorrows. 

If you have received an offer from someone who you think is your perfect match and you believe that you can spend a happy life with that person, you can take some time, sit back and decide how to accept that offer. Writing the proposal is always the best option to choose because it is an ideal situation to make an impression on your soul mate. 

What is a marriage proposal acceptance letter?

This letter is written in response to the proposal of marriage received by a person. The purpose of this letter is to inform the reader that his proposal is a written acceptance of the proposal of marriage that you must have received from someone. In this letter, you inform the reader that you have considered and liked the offer of marriage that he/she has made. 


Accepting the marriage proposal:

Many people feel so overwhelmed that they fail to figure out how they should accept the proposal to make the reader feel acknowledged. In some cases, people also want to express their feelings which becomes very difficult to do in words. They need to write a proposal that shows that they have a complete willingness to tie knots with the reader.

Some people also take this letter as a golden opportunity as this enables them to talk about their insecurities, their plans, and the emotions that they are associating with the proposal. It is important to write a reply to the marriage proposal especially when you have received a written proposal.  

Who can write about the acceptance?

Anyone who has received the proposal can respond with the acceptance letter if they find the proposal to be suitable for them. Parents of the girl or boy can also accept the offer on behalf of their son or daughter.

How to write a letter to embrace the offer to get married?

If you want to write a letter that conveys your message appropriately, below are some guidelines for you:

Discuss the acceptance:

When you write this letter, never forget that you are taking a very crucial step. Therefore, you should never try to accept the letter without properly discussing the matter. 

Express your feelings:

Inform the reader that you are feeling happy that you have met someone with who you can share your thoughts and life. 

Discuss the next move:

Mention in the letter how you want to proceed with the marriage decision and how you and the reader should move forward with the decision of tying knots with each other. 

Close the letter with good wishes:

In the end, send good wishes to the reader and your expectations from him. Let him know that you keep your fingers crossed for him/her.

Sample marriage proposal acceptance letter:


Name of the recipient, 

Dear recipient, 

I hope that you and your other family members are doing well. I am so happy to know that you want to build an ever-lasting relationship with me through the strongest bond of the marriage. I am very glad to have seen that you and your parents have liked me and you want me to be a part of your family. I am so proud of myself to be chosen by you as a life partner. 

I hope that this decision of us to tie knots with each other will be the best decision of our life. We also hope that this decision will bring a lot of happiness to our life. I pray that we and our families get a lot of happiness and satisfaction as the outcome of this bond we are going to establish. I wish you and your family a very happy life. 

I am so excited to walk on a new path with your companionship. Thank you so much for your decision to be with me. 

With Regards,

Marriage Proposal Acceptance Letter Template