Medical Assistance Proposal Sample Template

The proposal should start with the problem statement and proposed a solution to give a professional tone to medical assistance. A well-written proposal will help you to get desired results. It is significant to consider the views of the readers before writing a proposal because it will help you to explain your problem in an effective manner.

Medical assistance refers to the medical counteractive care and services prescribed by the team of physicians and the human service department. Medical assistance is often provided by health care organizations and a variety of bodies, including private foundations and trusts. Write the proposal in a concise manner to explain your ideas. In numerous cases, it is important to diagnose the actual diseases and provide appropriate treatment.

In order to write a medical assistance proposal, you have to collect the necessary details about the disease and proper consent. In order to make your work easy, our experts have designed a medical assistance proposal template with all the important details. Feel free to download it, and replace all contents of the template to design a unique proposal with a professional tone.


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XYZ is one of the biggest independent medical assistance companies in the United States. It was established in 1990. XYZ has built its reputation over the years to be in the leading position in the national and international market of medical assistance services.

We have a wide range of medical service providers. Our professional team is capable of handling all types of medical assistance and care, such as ambulances, hospitals, laboratories, Diagnostic centers, air ambulances, Vaccination centers, etc.

Problem Statement

Nowadays, occupational stress has become a serious health issue. This can cause decreased performance, less happiness, and an extensive variety of mental health issues. Stress level is comparatively high in the software profession because of the nature of the job. Employees have to meet deadlines, sometimes they have to do night shifts because of work overload. Technostress is a phenomenon of stress due to the extensive usage of computers. It is caused due to the inability to deal with new IT technologies in a healthy manner.

Studies suggest that IT companies should invest in specific employee assistance programs. Workers find that discussing their workplace stresses with a trained health professional is helpful for them, physically as well as professionally. It is essential for the employer to see this as a health and safety issue for the company.


Medical assistance plays an important role in the healthcare industry. The employer is responsible to provide the proper medical care facilities to its employees. Companies offering health care benefits along with assistance have one of the most powerful attractions and retention factors. The lack of these facilities can drive away potential applicants.

Healthy and tension-free workers are more beneficial and productive at work. The importance of health care assistance becomes more if the top management of the company has families and the company offers their family health assistance too. Investing in such plans goes a long way in tackling work-related health issues.

Services Offered

We provide services of medical assistance to travelers, patient examination and treatments, ambulance services, physiological treatments, and other medical services. Details are provided below:

  1. Sending a doctor on location and home delivery of medication
  2. Extra services to travelers
  • Repatriation with medical attendance
  • Transportation to any part of the world
  • Medical escort of intense care
  1. Medical advice via phone
  2. Hospital admission assistance
  3. Patient Transportation along with the transfer of medical records and medication
  4. Emergency medical evacuation
  5. Nursing homes

Assistance Program

All the above-mentioned services are part of all plan packages offered by our company. We prescribe the wellness program for the conditions of stress, insomnia, depression, and obesity.

At present, we have three programs:

  1. Medical Tourism Wellness Plan

This program is an opportunity to improve employees’ health in a beautiful environment. We have two locations with unspoiled nature, beaches, and healthy meals with the latest medical facilities. One is on an island near Florida and the other one is in Mexico.

  1. Rehabilitation Plan

This program involves the participation of psychologists, physicians, diet experts, and medical personnel. Here, we deal with matters like Trauma, fracture, rehabilitation after heart surgery, etc.

  1. Nursing Homes Plan

We provide assisted living facilities for the aged relatives, who cannot live independently, in a friendly and attentive environment. 24-hour care and medical services are available.

Adults need to be 65 years of age or older to qualify for this plan.


We will start the implementation of this project on 20th July 20XX. The project will focus on the healthy lifestyle of the employees of ABC Company.

Step 1: The practitioner will independently assess the employees and plan with them the provisions of medical assistance. They can be a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner.

Step 2: Documentation of all the records of employees and ensuring they meet eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Subscription to our proposed plans as per ABC policy.

Step 4: Activation of the policy after 2 weeks of subscription.


The Estimated cost of the project will be $300,000 for 80 employees.

 Average monthly   Contribution by each employeeAverage monthly   Contribution by company
Single coverageFamily coverageSingle coverageFamily   coverage
Plan 1$40$100$80$200
Plan 2$30$90$50$150
Plan 3$20$80$50$150
Standard plan$20$90$40$80

Rates will vary by location and employee demographics.

Medical assistance proposal template