Medical Services Proposal

A proposal that is prepared by a medical services company for any company interested in having a partnership is referred to as a ‘Medical Services Proposal’. In this document, the company offers its medical services to the client company to have a mutually beneficial deal.

In the current times, healthcare provision to the employees has become an essential part of the human resource policy of almost all the companies for various reasons, such as regulations, competition, and motivation. As healthcare is a big expense for the companies, they, usually, prefer partnering with one or few medical services companies to balance the costs.

The employees are then referred to these medical companies for their treatments. The benefits are not limited to the companies only but, also extend to the medical services company as well in terms of large clientage and improved profits.


Therefore, a medical services company designs the proposal in such a way that the client company accepts it and allies with it. The proposal needs to be prepared while taking a few considerations, such as:

  • Proper homework should be done before preparing it so that the needs of the client can be met through the offered services.
  • The proposal should be a professional, formal and comprehensive document.
  • As the proposal has an associated marketing aspect, it should be utilized to attract the client by offering lucrative services.
  • Strong reasons why your company should be chosen can increase the probability of proposal acceptance.
  • The competition needs to be kept in mind so as to offer competitive services.
  • The proposal should convince the client that his requirements can be met with your services.
  • The proposal is a critical document because if it gets rejected, it would be costly for the medical services company in terms of time, money, and effort so, it should be prepared properly and thoroughly.

By associating and partnering with different companies, a medical services company can increase its client base and earn profits. Therefore, when it is preparing a proposal, it attempts to include all the attractive details to increase the chances of proposal acceptance.

The proposal contents may vary depending on the medical company’s offerings as well as the needs and requirements of the potential client. Nevertheless, there are few general details which are present in almost all medical services proposals, which are:

  • Details of the medical services company.
  • Details of the client.
  • Company profile.
  • Details of services and offerings including the cost details.
  • Persuasion
  • Benefits to the client company.
  • Terms and conditions.

When a client company would find the proposal attractive, it would accept it and become legally bound. Its employees can then seek healthcare services from the medical services company. However, in case of proposal rejection, the medical services company would look for another company.

It is important to add that a medical services company, usually, is linked to many companies at one point in time. However, the number of clients is dependent on the scope of the services that can be rendered by the medical services company.

Medical Services Proposal Template

Executive Summary

This proposal was created on [Date], by [Name of Service Provider], for [Name of Client Company]. The proposal contains a summary of the details regarding the medical services offered, such as the timeline in which the project is to be initiated and the associated costs of all the services.

For any queries, please contact the provided information:

[Name of Representative 1]: [Phone #] [E-mail Address]

[Name of Representative 2]: [Phone #] [E-mail Address]

Relevant Licenses

[Name of Service Provider] is a verified member of the medical community. It has obtained the appropriate licenses to provide the medical services mentioned in this proposal. The relevant licenses include:

[List of relevant licenses obtained]

Services Offered

The list below displays the medical services being offered to the [Name of Client Company] for consideration:

[Detailed list of offered services]

Risk Management

[Name of Service Provider] has an extensive program for risk management. The purpose of this program is to attenuate the potential liability, risk, and exposure, however possible.


Our workforce is comprised of the most well-trained and qualified employees. [Name of Service Provider] has a set limit of years of experience which needs to be met in order to get hired. Similarly, the employee, before they are hired are put through screening tests as well as qualifications tests. This is to ensure the best services are provided to our employees.

Key Personnel

The individuals mentioned below are the most important staff members of our company, due to the nature of their jobs:

Medical Director: [Name of Medical Director] will serve as the chief advisor for this project. They will also be helping out the execution team.

Operations Director: [Name of Operations Director] will overlook the implementation of risk management. They will also keep a check over the complete project.

Account Manager: [Name of Account Manager] will be keeping a check over the services being provided as well as take care of the daily management.

Medical Services Pricing

The table below lists the charges of all the medical services being offered to [Name of Client Company]:

[Table of charges]

Client References

The contacts below are being provided by [Name of Service Provider], for [Name of Client Company] for screening purposes:

[Name of Client Company A]: [Phone #] [E-mail Address]

[Name of Client Company B]: [Phone #] [E-mail Address]

[Name of Client Company C]: [Phone #] [E-mail Address]

Terms and Conditions

  • [Name of Service Provider] hereby guarantees to maintain the licenses, mentioned in the proposal, for the entirety of the project.
  • [Name of Service Provider] will follow all regulations imposed by the Federal, Local and International authorities when providing the listed medical services.
  • Based on the needs of [Name of Client Company], the costs of the medical services listed in this proposal are considered to be the “best market prices”.


The [Name of Client Company] is advised to thoroughly review the contents of the proposal, before signing the contract. If there are any questions, please discuss them with the company representatives before the contract is signed.

[Name of Service Provider representative] is authorized by [Name of Service Provider] to negotiate and sign any agreements on behalf of [Name of Service Provider].

[Name of Service Provider]
[Name of Representative], [Title],




[Name of Client Company],
[Name of Representative],




Medical services proposal

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