Memoir Book Proposal Letter

Re. Memoir Book Proposal

Dear [NAME], please refer to this letter as a proposal letter for the memoir book I have been writing and intend to get published through your forum. I am [NAME] from [CITY, AREA]. I have written [NAME THE BOOK YOU ALREADY PUBLISHED] through [the publishing house]. My contract with the [publishing house] comes to end at [date] and I want to bind the contract with your publishing house.

[Publishing House] has been one of the most prestigious publishing houses in the area and has good fame around. I express my high regards and wishes for the future of the [Publishing House].


I have been writing a memoir that is based on the experiences and first-hand interactions with the circumstances faced after the death of my father and the presidential elections. The plot surrounds the timeline from 19XX to 20XX. It discusses the structural conspiracies to murder my father and get the politics and state in their hands.

The plot is sensitive as it discusses deeply the traumatic life experiences of the children of [NAME] and the way they survived with little left. The books shall tell the readers the actual political scenario of the state from 19XX to 20XX through a personal lens and a different perspective never explicitly narrated.

I intend to cover themes of love and hatred, parenting and childhood memories, status quo and its impacts, poor law and order, and statutes controlling political liberty, conspired convictions, and underground crimes.

The story begins with a political rally raising slogans against [NAME] my father who was [POSITION] that time. The hatred for him was conspired and inculcated in the minds of many from high-profile judiciary to a common man. The climax of the story begins with the daughter of Mr. [NAME] elected for the premiership of the country and her husband as a senator.

The story reaches a crossroads where multiple important events take place in 20XX. Narrating the first-hand experience, I plan to finalize the story with the success and triumph of truth and demise of evil even in the presence of extreme situations and high prejudiced charges from the bureaucracy and judiciary of the country.

This book would have been written with a clear image and aspirations to explain political parties’ structure and the evil truth about politics. I want to tell the readers how truthfulness wins even while highly targeted and biased machinery of the state.

This book has the potential to win a wide readership as it has various revealing aspects about top secretive political truths that are always kept from people. Without nominating individuals, I intend to reveal the struggle of a daughter and her loyal husband in regaining the lost power and premiership of the state. A blend of love and politics, the book unfolds many interesting events taking place.

I hope the book meets your standards of publishing and can be invited for the launch through your channel. I shall be delighted to get the confirmation as soon as possible. The book shall be completed in a month till [date]. In case of any ambiguity, I am available to have a virtual meeting with you. Please inform me as soon as possible. Thank you.



Memoir book proposal letter