Memoir Book Proposal Template for Word

It is stated that I, [NAME], have been associated with XYZ publishing house for 4 years and have also been a member of the literary club, organized by them. In addition to publishing books and other material, the publishing house has formed a literary circle that puts out a weekly magazine for promoting new and old writers and provides them a platform to showcase their skills in the field of writing.

I work in the capacity of an assistant to the manager and have been handling literary tasks for quite some time now. After graduation, I joined this house to gain some experience and hone my writing skills but with the passage of time, I couldn’t move on from this circle and secured a permanent job as an assistant. I also review the work of local and new artists and provide my critical view of their writing.


In addition, I have participated in many writing competitions at school and colleges and won awards. I have always been fond of writing and enhancing my skill to make a difference in various perspectives. I have devised a format of a memoir book proposal and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request and provide your reviews about my critical writing.

Anxiously awaiting your reply.



Assistant at XYZ Publishers

Contact: 849 494-9393


A memoir is defined as a non-fictional, personally written account of events and experiences of the author’s life. It does not include any self-assumed story and is completely based on true events. Memoirs were categorized as a category of biography but later they were considered a separate genre due to their focused and concise nature.

Book proposals are written documents that are provided to publishers or publishing houses to provide an insight into the book. These proposals are written by authors and may differ in their content based on what an author wants to share with the publisher.

In addition to providing information about the contents of the book, these proposals provide insight to the publisher about the worth of the book, if it gets published. Every publishing house wants to spend on a book that has a handsome economic factor and can prove to be beneficial for both author and publisher both.

Memoir book proposals provide a complete picture of the book and allow you to envision its complete scope. It helps in clarifying any ambiguity that may occur and focus on the right audience and marketplace. It is important to focus on the right audience and keep the book limited and not expand it beyond its limit.


Contents of memoir book proposal may vary depending on the author and overall contents of the book, but its major outlines remain the same. Some of the major contents of memoir book proposal include,

  1. Overview: Author explains the overview of book either detailed or brief, depending on the amount of information that author is comfortable in sharing with the publisher. Mostly overview covers 300-350 words and should not exceed this level to make sure that interest and curiosity of reader remain intact. It also mentions title and other related information of the book. It truly depicts writing style and description of book to ensure that publisher has the right idea.
  2. Author Biography: It also includes a separate portion about author. Some of these details may include contact information, address, previous publications, education, and other important details to make sure that author can be contacted easily, if needed.
  3. Chapters: Author should explain all the major outlines and the contents of each chapter separately to provide an understanding of the book. It is necessary to provide a semi- detailed proposal so that publisher understand the worth of book and focus on its publishing. Incomplete information can lead to cancellation of the book publishing by the publishers as it fails to interest him.
  4. Additional Details: Author provide complete details about book cover, image and other necessary information that needs to be incorporated in the book in addition to the memoir. This additional information includes title, writer’s note, previous publications etc.
Memoir book proposal template