Music Concert Proposal

For: ABC
34222 Charlottesville Ave., Virginia

By: Mark Jobs
Event Management and Organization Senior Manager
Richmond, Virginia


Project Summary

Project Title: Event – “Pop Music Concert”
Guest Singer: Bryan Adams
Concert Duration: December 15th, 20XX
Concert Management: XYZ Event Management and Organization

Music Concert Proposal for ABC

Company Introduction

XYZ is an event management and organization company working in the state of Virginia since 2000. We have organized a variety of events, ranging from sports tournaments to charity events. We manage all sorts of indoor and outdoor events. Our company also deals in the corporate sector for organizing music concerts. We have a very hardworking team of employees that excel in organizing extraordinary events with their strong connections and skills.


Our company provides the following services:

  • Event planning
  • Post-Event Analysis
  • Sponsorships
  • Security Service

Scope of Work

Your company wants to arrange a pop music concert and around 20,000 people need to be catered at the event. We have the resources and the assistance to handle such events and we will be providing the following services:

Event Preparation and Planning: We will list your demands and expectations and work out a plan for the event. After a couple of days of brainstorming and planning, we will put together a layout of all the preparations required for the event.

Sponsorship: We will arrange the sponsors that will be willing to sponsor the music concert and help with the expenses so your company has contributors.

Transportation: Our Company can arrange for buses if transportation is required from different spots to the event location.

Security: These types of events require security because of high-profile attendees and we do offer executive and special event security services. Also, Our Company has all the required licenses such as General business license, Security Service license, Security officer license for each individual.

Sponsorship Packages

This event will provide an opportunity for sponsoring brands to get deserved exposure and publicity. We will feature the brand logos on the microphones used by the performers.

XYZ offers the following sponsorship packages:

Package 1

This package offers great opportunities for new and local businesses. They will get the desired recognition and visibility at the music concert.

Package 2

This package provides a higher level of exposure to the brands. It is usually selected by bigger names and companies that are looking for a fair share of exposure and brand awareness.

Package 3

This package is a premium one and it gives a more prominent exposure to our sponsors at the events. This includes merchandise with company logos or promotions.

Sponsorship Packages Costs

The details of the costs of the packages are as follows:

Names Price  Discounted price
Package 1 $1,000/ event $800/event
Package 2 $2,000/ event $1,800/event
Package 3 $3,000/ event $2,500/event

Advantages of Sponsorship 

Getting sponsors plays a great part in getting the event highlighted and cost-sharing. Also

  • It provides the financial backing that is required to hold the event
  • It generates a greater audience
  • The promotion for the event gets convenient.

Music Concert Ticket Price

There will be the following four types of tickets available for the music concert:

VIP Tickets

Total tickets =1000
Price: $495

General Admission

Total tickets =17000
Price: $200

Sponsored Tickets

There will be 100 free tickets that will be given to the promoters and social media influencers to promote the event.

Virtual Concert Tickets

For online viewers only.
Price: $30

Event Schedule 

Opening Ceremony –7:35 pm
First singer performance –8:45pm
Host –9:00pm
Second Performance –10:45pm
3rd Performance –11:30pm
Finale –01:00am


The cost of the event will be as follows:

Names Quantity Price Total (6 days)
Venue 1 $2,000 $2,000
Staff 15 $10,000 $10,000
Entertainment 3 $10,000 $30,000
Food /Catering 1 $5,000 $5,000
Security Service 10 $500 $5,000
Security deposits $5,000 $5,000

Terms and Conditions

  • Full payment shall be made 2 days prior to the music event.
  • The security deposit should also be made, which will be refunded, provided there is no loss or damage to the belongings of XYZ Company.
  • All staff provided by the XYZ Company shall never be considered as employees of the clients.
  • In case of event cancellation, an amount of 35% of the total payment must be deducted by XYZ Company.
  • This agreement shall be in accordance with the law of the State.

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