New Product Proposal Templates

1- Proposal Sample by Marketing Department to CEO

Executive Summary

B-Beverages Production and Marketing team has come up with a new product, XYZ Fitness Energy Drink, enhancing the natural flavors to provide healthier options. Our main objective is to introduce a product that contains less sugar and is made of organic ingredients. XYZ offers a lot more functional benefits than any other energy drink available in the market.

Objective: To initiate the launch of a new drink “XYZ Fitness Energy Drink”.

Product Description

XYZ Fitness Energy Drink is a product that will boost consumers’ workouts, improve their health and help them stay awake and alert when required. It will allow athletes to recover faster from exercise because it contains carbohydrates and caffeine. Usually people, after working out, prefer light and cold beverages rather than warm milk or shakes. XYZ will boost their energy, alertness, and concentration.


Impact of Product/Benefits

Fitness: XYZ fitness Energy Drink will help boost metabolism and burn more calories.  Also, the use of organic ingredients makes it appealing to health-conscious consumers.

Energy Booster: It will make them feel more productive and energized. It will help people function better when they are tired and fatigued.

Diversity of flavors: A variety of flavors will give consumers more options for caffeine boosts.

Affordability: It will serve as an affordable alternative to good quality branded coffee, which is pricy.

Zero calories: It will attract weight-conscious consumers because of the nonexistent calories in the product.

Beneficial for the Company

The launch of this new product will certainly open up new possibilities for the company that will help us grow even more. As it is a unique and new product, it will attract and excite people and will help us compete better in the market.

We are confident in a 15% market share by the end of this year.

Target Audience

Our target audience is teenagers and adults, age-group ranging from 13- 40, especially people who work out and exercise and focus on fitness levels.

Product Marketing

We plan to advertise the product in all mediums, print, Internet, social media, and Radio. We will print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and billboards; run ads on social media, Television, and Radio. Also, we will place ad banners on the internet to make people aware of our brand.

Sales Plan

Presently, we have 3,000 shops in the state. Our aim is to distribute XYZ in these shops, for the first 3 months. Later on, we will expand the range of distribution to more States.


The estimated cost for this product launch will be approximately $165,000. The details are as follows:


Material Cost | $25,000
Production Charges | $60,000
Packaging Cost | $40,000
Marketing Cost | $10,000
Distribution/Logistics | $30,000


We would like to seek your approval to proceed with the necessary arrangements. After your approval, we will inform the relevant departments to initiate the launch process.


Jack Smith
Marketing Director

New Product Proposal by Marketing Department to CEO

2- Proposal Sample by Academic Department to Purchase Department

Today, Digital Learning provides both teachers and students easier, faster and affordable access to information. We think that it is the need of the hour for the school to purchase new Tablets for the students. Educators are adopting mobile devices to promote active learning. Kids learn more when they interact with their learning tools. We have put together a proposal regarding the purchase of this product. Let us know when we can have further discussion.

Executive Summary

Tablets are transforming the way of teaching and learning. They are a great tool to help enrich the learning experience. Advances in technology are quick and swift and they have to be adapted to the modern education system. The use of tablets in schools has already been established in many states throughout the U.S. as well as around the world. We think that our students should also use this technology that will provide them with quality education and give them an opportunity in their future work. It will allow students to have access to the needed information much quicker.

Product Description

Tablets are easy to use, lightweight, and have long battery life. Their Instant-On Capability makes them the right choice to be used to support student-centered learning. They require less technical support. The touch screen provides a hands-on learning experience for the students. This gadget shouldn’t be viewed as just a means of entertainment, it is an actual facilitator in the learning process.


There are a lot of interactive education applications available online, which customize the process of learning, speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills for literacy development. Moreover, there are many apps for mathematics, science, and other subjects. The important thing is that these apps make learning easy, accessible, and fun through their interactivity. Also, Tablet will be compatible with our current virtual learning platform.

Students will not have to carry all the heavy books every day, instead, they will be able to refer to the uploaded e-books. Students get more enthusiastic about unusual learning forms rather than the traditional ones.


Tablets will be kept by the Computer Sciences department, in the laboratories. The assistants will be responsible for the charging and configuration of the tablets.

  • Initially, the tablets will be introduced to the teachers so they can get familiar with its capabilities.
  • A set of 10 tablets will be allowed for each class and the students will use them in the form of groups.
  • A certain number of tablets will be available to each class, permanently.
  • Tablets will be provided to the students of grades 3-6.

Our main focus will be on two subjects, Mathematics and Science. The use of tablets for cross-curricular modules of Math and Science will lead to a more effective application of resources from various fields of studies. Also, it will improve the quality of knowledge with regard to the mental and social aspects of learning.

Mathematics: XYZ app provides a number of quizzes and tests for students. Also, ABC games provide interactive learning through games. Teachers will be able to give homework to the kids online and they will be able to solve it and submit the scores.

Science: XYZ is a collection of applications that will help teachers and students to explore the various branches of science categories such as chemistry, physics, biology, and astronomy. It will help students and kids develop their skills by exploring inside of the human body, space, planets, and the solar system, even dissecting a frog in fun and interactive ways.


The prices of three options available, for educational tablets, are provided below:

SpecificationScreen size (inches)RAMInternal MemoryOS   (Android)NetworkCameraBatteryPrice
Lenovo Tab.10.12 GB16 GB7Wi-Fi, 4GYes7000mAH$100
Samsung Galaxy Tab. A82 GB16 GB7.1Wi-Fi, 4GYes5000mAH$200
Honor Media Pad83 GB32GB7Wi-Fi, 4GYes4800mAH$150

Safety and Security

School’s insurance policy will be applied to all the new purchases including tablets. These electronic devices are easily portable, so they need to be carefully managed, especially if stored in the school during the week or at weekends.

Also, we will install Firewall Software in all tablets that will monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.


We would like to seek your approval to proceed with the necessary arrangements. After your approval email, we will inform the relevant departments to initiate the process.


William Smith

Head Academic Department


New product proposal by academic department to purchase