New Product Purchase Proposal

Who are we?

We [Name of Organization] are an organization who believe in providing our customers with products that both entertain their wants and needs. There is a massive variety present for customers, therefore it can be difficult to analyze which product and brand suit the customer’s needs. Our organization manufactures products with our customer’s comfort and access to our mind.

These products are used regularly in our lives and so it is necessary to create them in a way that they are efficient and user-friendly. Furthermore, the costs and the quality of the product have been decided according to our customer base. These products are inexpensive and we also provide warranty for customers. A strict quality control check is kept to ensure no faulty product is created.

The main aim of our organization is to ensure that our customers feel at ease due to and by using our products.


Our Products

Our products range from [eg. Headphones to keyboards]. These [Name of Product] can be used for work purposes as well as entertainment. If this product is required for work purposes, we provide a range of similar versions of [Name of Product] which depend on what it is being used for. [Eg. Noise canceling headphones allow the user to concentrate on what is being played]. Similarly, [eg. If the headphones are being used as a hand-free item, wireless headphones are being produced].

Our Top Qualities

We like to provide our customers with a variety of choices. This way the customers can choose the product and its type according to their needs. There are different types of [Name of Product] available for different customers; their prices depending on their quality. If the customer wants to purchase the [Name of Product] for one time use, they can purchase the inexpensive disposable version.

Similarly, if the customers want to invest in the product once, there is [Name of Product] available of that type and quality for these customers.


As the organization maintains strict quality control, we ensure that the customers get exactly the kind of product that they are paying for. Furthermore, we individuals use different products in our own ways. Therefore, it is necessary to provide different versions of the same product. This way a large market audience is accommodated. [Eg. Headphones come with adjustable bands. They also have different styles such over the back of the head style or wireless headphones.]

We also provide versions of the [Name of Product] that are portable, for when a customer may want to travel with the [Name of Product]. The user can fold the [Name of Product] into a compact size which allows the user to easily carry it with them.


The prices depend on the type and version of the [Name of Product]. The best quality version that can be used for up to [Number eg. 5] years is priced at [Price eg. $30]. Similarly, the portable version costs [Price eg. $25]. However, the prices of other versions go as low as [Price eg. $10].


You will find the complete portfolio of our products on our company website []. Follow us on our social media’s to gain access to exclusive offers. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information regarding our products.


New product purchase proposal

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