NGO Project Proposal on Education

I am thankful for the time you took out yesterday to share your thoughts with our NGO team. I am Head of Operations at XYZ. This NGO has been providing different services to different communities for some years now. We have been involved in providing education to rural areas, education to girls, etc. I am sending you our proposal for the education project of ABC school. The proposal will give you all the required details concerning the project on education that we are willing to undertake. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Amrita Sheikh
Head of Operations

Education Proposal for ABC School

NGO Introduction

XYZ is a top NGO present in India. For nearly 7 years, we have been able to provide top-quality services to major schools in backward communities in the area. At XYZ, our team of professionals works together to help provide education to all. We believe that education is necessary for everyone and can improve the lifestyle of many people, especially girls and those staying in remote areas. Our team consists of qualified teachers and students aiming to provide education to the many people who are not able to afford it.



XYZ provides the following services

  • Building schools in remote areas
  • Hiring qualified teachers to teach at the schools
  • Reaching out to people in the area and educating them on the importance of sending children to school


We at XYZ envision a society where everyone has been granted opportunities for education which enables them to exercise their rights to good-quality education and security.


XYZ is dedicated to uplifting the status of people in the area especially those from the marginalized section through different education initiatives.

Legal status:

  • XYZ is registered under the 19XX registration Act


The general objective of this project is to promote by the year [YEAR], education to [#] number of children between the age of 5 to 15 years via child-friendly education as well as schools.

The specific objectives include:

  • To provide educational institutions at the grassroots level for the availability of education in rural and marginal areas.
  • To build these schools so that they have all the facilities for children to advance to their fullest.
  • To promote value-based education amongst children, women as well as youth so that holistic development can occur.
  • To enhance the curricula teaching modules that focus on basic life skills, and learning competencies, with evaluation techniques.
  • To equip around [#] teachers, inspectors, counselors, as well as school principals and youth leaders with effective interactive techniques which promote quality education.
  • To improve the learning environment, present in [#] number of schools by involving children in curricula and extra-curricular activities whilst encouraging the participation of parents along with other active community members within school clubs and extension programs.


The following activities will be undertaken to complete the project:


Technical support will be given to the Ministry of Education to develop a structure for increasing the number of children attending school. Seminars will take place at the national level to let decision-makers know of the importance of child-friendly education which fosters learning via new methods and appropriate content. The importance of completing basic education and having proper attendance will be emphasized. Surveys and studies will take place to complement inter-agency efforts.

Enhance the content of educational materials:

In collaboration with the private sector and other top NGOs, XYZ will be involved in improving the basic education curricula within the framework of international institutions. It will try and build upon the global education interactive approach, and other teaching procedures to handle the different learner’s requirements.

Assessment and evaluation techniques will be present as an ongoing process of the activity modules. Therefore, we will be able to assess the impact of this learning procedure and if it is effective. Students and teachers will be able to discuss sensitive issues, promote socialization, develop a sense of responsibility, and more.

Encouraging club activities:

Extra-curricular activities, as well as other extension programs, will be included to encourage the involvement of parents. The clubs will provide an environment where children, teachers, as well as other members of the community can share their experiences. Activities will include children’s debates and theatrical performances. We will try and involve out-of-school children so that they can participate and know about their rights.

Monitoring of the project

We will send professionals from XYZ to monitor whether the project is successful. They will be sent to audit the schools every week.

Vesting Time: Between 8:00 am – 3 pm


The cost of the project will include teachers, headmistress, and other staff members’ pay. If there is a need to improve the structure of the schools, this will be an additional cost. For instance, if a school requires fans, water coolers, etc., these will cost more. Other costs include:

  • Allocation of space and the use of school facilities required to carry out the activities
  • The costs of public utilities like water and electricity employed on the premises
  • The remuneration present for officials working on the project
  • The cost of stationary
  • The cost of training teachers, social workers, and youth leaders


Our NGO will provide all insurance to the individuals working on the project. This will include worker’s compensation and commercial general liability insurance as well. `

Terms and Conditions

  • All payment needs to be made before the initiative is carried out
  • XYZ will be responsible for making sure that the money is used where it is needed
  • There will be auditors auditing the activities of the staff and a report of this will be sent to you


  • The NGO will provide insurance for all the equipment
  • All training programs will be international ones
  • A list of the staff will be analyzed to check if their qualifications are valid

Proposal Template

NGO project proposal on education