Office Renovation Proposal Template

It is stated that I am an employee of this company for 5 years and have been working diligently. I appreciate the efforts you put in yesterday’s meeting to speak about problems we are facing so that they can be taken care of. It is a very good initiative from the company’s front to accommodate us in a better way. Many of my colleagues share their problems in the workplace and you assured them that you will consider their queries and problems. I could not find words in the meeting, so I summed up a proposal for you, regarding my office renovation.

The interior design, structure, and other office resources are outdated. The main idea is to remodel the office in a way to make it more spacious and not cluttered or chaotic. It should feel presentable and welcoming to the clients and other staff members. I have mentioned everything in full detail, and I hope you will give my proposal a read and share your thoughts regarding my matter.


Operations office

Summary of Proposal

I work in the operations department of this company and I have always had a good experience with administration of the company. My client approval rate is 100% and I have never been issued any warning letter from the company. Five years ago, when I joined this company, I was given an office with basic office supplies. My office was not in very good condition, but I was assured by the administration that it would be renovated sooner as they didn’t have any budget left at that time. I tried to give it a decent look myself so that it is accommodating and do not appear dirty to the clients.

Due to my regular dealing with clients, it is important that my office looks up to the mark as it gives a sense of seriousness from the company towards its clients. After 5 years, the office is not in very good condition and needs a good renovation to make it worthy of its name.

The interior design and structure of our company should be like that attracts a lot of clientele and be a model for other companies to follow. Leading results are produced in a healthy environment. I have shared this information with XYZ renovating company and they send a plan of work and budget for you to look at. We can cut a few things if they are unnecessary, but I am mentioning their plan of remodeling in this proposal.

Problems that need attention

  • Peeling paint from every part of the walls.
  • The shelves are broken.
  • Cupboards are rough and do not have handles or keys.
  • The furniture is broken.
  • Unavailability of enough chairs.
  • The printer is not working.
  • Thumb pins are out of stock.
  • The tea room turned to file room.

Scope of work

The proposal is for renovating workspace in office number 05, present on the second floor of the building. For work, XYZ company can be hired as they have already renovated a few offices in the same company. Their work is exceptional, and their team is very creative regarding the remodeling of the workspace.

Services required

  • A polished and up-to-date furniture
  • Full stock of stationery
  • Fixing of all computer-related appliances
  • Remodeling of cupboards
  • Fresh paint to give it a new look
  • Bookshelves to add more sturdiness to the overall look
  • Availability of tearoom to offer refreshments to clients
  • Floor repair
  • Reinstallation of windows

Planning of renovation

Remodeling can be done with 8 or 9 workers as the workload will be distributed among them. Workers cannot be more than 9 otherwise other office staff would be highly disturbed and would not be able to function productively. After structure construction, the paint will be done by 4 painters and 1 designer will supervise. They will renovate the space and will maximize the operational efficiency of the business. They will also include suggestions given by the administration of the company.


XYZ company will arrange a meeting with our office after signing the contract. In the following meeting, the overall design and structure will be discussed. They will hear our suggestions regarding our needs and provide their expert opinion on the matter. They will always provide other options if we have reservations on the model that they have already sent. They will take our feedback on the model and finalize a design.


It will take a maximum of 4 weeks for renovation.


Design provided by XYZ company for remodeling is provided below,

Meeting area: The ceiling of the meeting room is cracking so it will be mended on a priority basis to avoid any physical damage. The furniture of the meeting room is broken and very old. It will need a completely new look by using branded furniture. The design of the office will be very professional, welcoming, and comfortable.

Installation of desks: The addition of 8-10 working desks will provide each employee with their own desk and these desks will be guarded by panels to provide privacy to each employee.

Floor repairing: design of floor tiles is very old and some tiles are also broken due to furniture shifting. Floor tiles will be completely replaced by wooden panels that will provide a great look to the office and wooden panels are very economic.

Paint: After the structure is built, all walls and ceilings of the office will be painted with the paint of your choice. Construction will take about 2 and a half weeks to complete and then paint will be started. The whole process of painting consists of preparing, priming, and finishing all surfaces.

Cost: Detail cost of each purchase are mentioned below,

Consultation.          $1000

Window.                 $1500

Wooden Panels.    $1000

Labour.                  $5000

Furniture.               $5000

Paint.                     $3000

Installation.            $10,000

Total                      $26,500


  • All workers are highly experienced and professional.
  • Designers will be allowed to take photographs of the renovated projects to add to their portfolio.
  • 30% fees will be paid before the project and the remaining 70% after the project.



Office Renovation Proposal Template