Outdoor Advertisement Proposal

An outdoor advertising proposal is a document prepared by an advertising company or a media agency to offer outdoor advertising services to a company that might be interested in advertising its products or services using an outdoor medium.

Outdoor advertising is, often, very effective as it is easily observable by the customers who are always on the go. Therefore, companies widely choose this type of advertising to promote their products and services. However, advertising is a function that is often outsourced to external advertising or media agencies for two main reasons: one, every company does not have an advertising department and secondly, the expertise and specialized skills of the advertising agency can give the company better results.

The advertising agencies have to prepare an outdoor advertising proposal by listing all the services to woo the client companies and make deal with them. The contemporary world is very competitive so the proposal should be prepared carefully to gain maximum clientage. Many things, such as the following, should be considered while designing the proposal:

  • The proposal needs to be professional, formal, and comprehensive.
  • All the relevant details including the financials should be included.
  • The advertising agency can market itself by showing its competitiveness and skills.
  • Any testimonials or experience details can improve the probability of the proposal acceptance.
  • The modification of a template or a basic proposal for different clients should be done based on their requirements.
  • The offered skills, services, or add-on services need to be captivating enough for the client.
  • No misleading or incorrect information should be included in the proposal.

The details added and the format used by the advertising agency, usually, varies depending on the client for which it is being prepared. However, the general details, more or less, remain the same which are:

  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Services, including arrangements and administration.
  • Add-on services, if any. These may include locating and choosing the location, negotiating with the site managers, devising advertising strategy, etc.
  • Details, including objectives, target customers, duration, costs, etc.
  • Details of execution.
  • Skills, expertise and experience, and competence.
  • Persuasive statements.
  • Benefits for the client company.
  • Effects of outdoor advertising.
  • Terms and conditions.

When the proposal is presented to the client company, the client would approve it if he finds it enticing enough. After that, the contract will be legally binding on both parties. The advertising agency will arrange and organize the outdoor advertising while getting the payment from the client who would be enjoying the services as well as high product/service awareness and profits.

On the contrary, the client can even reject the proposal and rather select a competitor of the agency. For the agency, it would mean a lost client as well as wasted money, effort, and time. However, rejection and acceptance are part of the process so, there is a continuous struggle to get the clients and deals.

Sample Outdoor Advertisement Proposal Template

Norma Hill
Washington D.C

Ross Jackson
Manhattan Ave, NY

March 30, 20XX

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for your interest in our advertising ideas. These days, shoes are among the top consumer products. An effective shoe advertisement is a must to capture the attention of consumers. We bring a newness to the brand with our attractive and fresh advertising designs and ideas. Our company has put together an outdoor advertisement proposal for S-shoes. Please feel free to contact us if you want to add or remove anything from the proposal.

Thank you,
Norma Hill

Proposal for S-Shoes Outdoor Advertisement


A-ads is a full-service Advertising Agency founded in 2002 in Washington D.C, USA. We offer a wide range of advertising and marketing services, including graphics, logos, brochures, customized stationery, packaging, Website design, social media marketing, and outdoor advertisement.

Advertising Objective

The shoe industry is mainly driven by fashion and demographics. Getting customers to try new brands isn’t always an easy task, but with the help of a proper advertising campaign, the message can reach its right audience. Attractive advertisement plays a vital role in brand imaging and profitability of companies.

An outdoor advertisement gets a bigger market coverage with a single ad. People are more aware of their surroundings and pay a greater deal of attention to the advertisement when they are on the move. Studies show that over 2/3rds of travelers make their purchasing decision someplace outside of their homes.

Target Audience

S-shoes mainly focuses on Fashion and Daily comfort footwear. As your brand offers affordable products with a vast range of designs, our target is middle-class families, young adults, and women of all ages.

Advertising Plan

To bring out the most promising results, we have planned out the following strategic locations for an advertisement:

Bus Stop

Ads will be displayed on bus stop shelters in metropolitan areas and downtown because it reaches the majority of our target audience and they are highly visible. The size of the ad will be 60 inches x 40 inches.


Billboard ads will be placed on all the major roadsides. They are most effective if they are placed close to the stores. The dimensions of these will be 160 inches x 500 inches.

Lamp-post Light-boxes and Banners

These ads will be in the form of banners and ads posted on light-boxes, which will be displayed on the following:

  • Sidewalks beside the roads in urban as well as metropolitan areas.
  • Roads leading to parks encourage the people visiting to stroll or play.
  • Inside the Malls in food courts as well as shopping areas.

The dimensions will be 20 inches x 30 inches.

Pillar Wraps

Inside malls and airports, we will place pillar wrap advertisements.

Glass Panels

These ads will be placed on glass windows and doors of the shops that are on the main roads, facing the traffic.


The estimated cost for running this campaign will be $25,000. The cost of items is as follows:

Name Location Quantity Time Duration $ US
Glass panels Airport 2 6 months $2000
Glass panels Mall 4 6 months $4000
Pillar wraps Airport 6 6 months $2000
Pillar wraps Mall 4 6 months $2000
Light-box with graphics Mall 4 1 Month $1500
Billboard Ad. Various 10 1 Month $250
Bus stops Various 6 1Week $500
Lamp posts Various 20 1 month $2000



  • The price offer will expire within the next 30 days after the proposal has been received.
  • 50% of the total cost should be deposited upon acceptance of the proposal.
  • The Time taken for the design and deployment of the whole campaign will be around 20 days.
  • Media rental areas are subject to 5% government tax.
  • The proposed locations are subject to availability.
  • The remaining payment should be made after the deployment.

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Outdoor advertisement proposal

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