Painting Proposal Template

Anyone providing the painting services can write the painting proposal for his potential clients. Just like any other proposal, the painting proposal is also required to be written in an efficacious way so that it can grab the attention of the clients and can compel them to choose the services of the person writing the proposal.

What are the main components of the painting proposal?

As we all know it is very important to write a winning proposal, the format and different components of the proposal should be taken into consideration so that you can deliver the right information to your client in a right way. Here are a few major components to be added to the painting proposal:

  1. Executive summary of the proposal:

This is the most important and primary part of the proposal. In this section, all the major details of the proposal are mentioned for the reader. The key skills of the service provider, the rates of services being offered and lots of other details are added in the executive summary

  1. Scope of painting work:

In this section, the proposal tells the reader about the scope of work. The material needed to complete the project is mentioned

  1. Pricing:

This is the main part of the proposal on the basis of which, the client decides whether he should render the services of the particular sender of the proposal or not. Mention the pricing of the services in the proposal very clearly so that there is no confusion left

Sample Proposal Template

Jill Hanson
XYZ School
New York City, NY

15th June 2019

Dear Mr. Hanson,

ABC is submitting this proposal for the paint job to be done on the campus of XYZ School. Please have a look at the proposal and let us know if you have any questions. If you wish to add something to it, let us know. We will send you the signing contract, once we have reached an agreement.

Executive Summary

The XYZ School has been providing excellent academics to students for the past 10 years. The campus building was built in 2009 and is situated at Madison Road. As requested, the building requires a fresh paint job along with a little repair work. The floor is a bit uneven and the interior walls and ceilings require a newer and cleaner look. Painting is the most important maintenance task. A good paint protects the interior and exterior structure of a building from damages. Our top priority is to provide the best quality paint with guaranteed perfection. We oversee each and every step carefully from the start to the end.


ABC is a complete service painting contractor in the United States. We are fully insured and licensed and have been around for more than 20 years. Our team comprises of professional craftsmen and painters. Our top priority is to treat our work with respect and provide good quality finishing to our customers. We use high-quality non-toxic materials in our work. We paint all type of homes, restaurants, commercial buildings, restaurants, and hotels. We do our job professionally and at reasonable rates. Our experts provide guidance and suggestions regarding all type of paint and repair jobs and recommend the best architectural paints for homes, offices, and restaurants.


Our services include paint and repair for Commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Commercial painting
  • Faux finishing
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Color consultations
  • Repairing

Proposed plan

The paint and repairing work will take 15-18 days. Our work team will comprise of 7 workers. 4 will do the paint job, 2 will do the repair work and 1 will supervise the project. The whole process will consist of the following steps

Preparing Surfaces

First, our team will scrape and remove all the paint that is peeling and loose. After that, they will sand the walls and surfaces, with a drywall pole sander, and make them smooth for priming.

            Time: 3-4 Days

Priming Surfaces

Before priming, our team will wipe and wash the surfaces and use a primer to prime all necessary areas. This will provide an even surface so the paint layers can lock onto the exterior. This will include walls and the furniture too, including doors and windows. The primer may be applied twice.

If there are any holes or damages, we will seal and fill them up and then again sand and prime them. Also, if there are any small cracks, they will be patched and primed. Special care will be taken on the cracked areas around windows, exhausts, doors, shelves, and cabinets. We will caulk them and seal them. We will also do minor maintenance work if required.

Time: 3-4 Days


After the primer, all the interior walls, ceilings, surfaces and furniture will again be lightly sanded to ensure a smooth finish. Fresh paint will be applied to all the walls, furniture, doors, and window frames. If needed, another paint coat will be applied. Light switches, regulators and outlet covers will be removed and cleaned and then put back again; if damaged, they will be replaced or repaired.

Time: 8-10 days

Paint Specifications

The details of the paints that we have selected are provided below:

AreasBrandCoatsPaint NameColorType
Wall paintBergeryesyesGIH-120Light beigeMatte
CeilingsBergeryesGIH-200Flat WhiteSemi-Gloss



The cost of paint/Gallon is $20. One gallon will cover around 400 square feet. The paint price will vary depending on whether a single paint coat is required or a double. The total property area to be painted is approximately 3000 square feet.

Total paint required: 8 gallons

Cost for 1 coat: $160

Cost for 2 coats: $320

Labor cost is $25/hour. Other details are provided below:


NameDetailUnit CostTotal cost after Tax
Labor(6 persons)6 workers will work for 8 hours daily.$200/Day$12,000
MaterialBrushes, rollers, buckets, scraper, etc.$1,000
RepairsWall, ceiling and fittings repair$3,000
UtilitiesUtilities used during the job like electricity, water, etc.$1,000
LumberFor repairing furniture 


Management Feecost of services$500
PermitsBuilding permit and power permit$2,000


Licenses and Permits

ABC is a fully licensed and insured Painting Service company. Our company is EPA Lead certified and has no issues of OSHA safety requirements. We will obtain the following permits:

Building permit: Our Company will get the official approval by the government to proceed with the maintenance work.

Temp power permits: We will also obtain a temporary power permit.


  • All paint workers, electricians, and supervisors have insurance and are highly experienced.
  • Proper measures will be taken to protect and avoid adjacent walls and surfaces from paint splashes and smears.
  • All damages, cuts, openings, etc., made by employees of ABC will be repaired properly before handing over the property.
  • Paint applications will be even all over, without defects, drips, and sags.
  • The work area will be cleaned and kept free of construction material on a daily basis.

Terms and conditions

  • The cost mentioned above is valid for the next 60 days.
  • 20% of the project fee will be charged upon acceptance of the proposal.
  • If you wish to cancel an appointment, please inform us 48 hours before the project is planned to begin. Otherwise, a penalty of $100 will be charged.
  • Our painters have complete discretion to accept or reject a project.
  • We offer a 2-year paint guarantee. We offer free service to fix defects until our clients are fully satisfied.

ABC Painting Services

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