Plumbing Services Company Proposal

I have worked with [X] plumbing company located in [X]. The [X] company is a well-known construction company due to its sky-scraping buildings and many other amazing projects. When clients assign any project, it is the responsibility of the company to deliver a complete project. Every task of the building or project is supervised by the employers i.e., foundation, grey structure, plumbing, electric connections, water, and sanitation, painting, etc. Therefore, every project is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the company.

I joined this company as a laborer and worked for 7 years. Later, I learned the skill of plumbing from fellow plumbers in the company and settled for this field. I worked hard to achieve the rank of manager of the plumbing department and lead a team of 5 members who are responsible for their roles only.

After 10 years, I want to leave the company permanently and make my own plumbing company as a private contractor which will not be associated with any construction company. We will provide services to anyone who needs them, be it small or big. I have designed a proposal for my idea and included all the essentials.

It is important to seek the approval of the XYZ department before setting up any construction business therefore, I have attached my proposal with details for approval.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


[Your Name]
Manager at ABC Company


Plumbing is a system that includes the process of conveying fluids for different reasons such as sanitation. It requires the assistance of few types of equipment just like pipes, valves, tanks, and plumbing fixtures. All this equipment keeps the fluid in motion and regularizes the process of plumbing. It follows the basic laws of nature i.e., gravity, pressure as water seeks its own level.

There are two subsystems in every plumbing system. One subsystem is responsible for bringing fresh water into the building whereas the other subsystem takes wastewater out of the building. When freshwater enters a building, it is under enough pressure to move against nature i.e., it moves upwards and to the other corners because of the pressure.

It passes through a meter that regulates the amount of water being used. The stop button is located close to the meter in every plumbing system. This button is used to stop water otherwise any bursting pipe or plumbing emergency can cause flooding of the entire building.

Freshwater serves the purpose of cold water whereas another subsystem is installed for hot water, it brings water in the building from the heating room. The drainage system does not depend on pressure instead, wastewater leaves the building because all the pipes and fixtures are point downward and gravity does its work. The waste line continues this downward flow until it opens into a sewer tank.

Vents in the plumbing system are located on the roofs of the building and allow the entry of air into the drainage pipes. Air allows the movement of the wastewater in the pipes which would otherwise be stuck.

Supply and drainage subsystems are two distinct systems and do not overlap. Bridges are found in these systems, making a plumbing system worthy of use.

My plumbing company will be able to resolve all the issues related to water movement and drainage. In addition to working on bigger projects, the company will dedicate few workers for online assistance. These plumbers will be able to fix your plumbing problems by coming to your house after you call to book them. The facility will be provided for small chores at doorsteps to provide ease to the residents.


To lay the foundation of a company or business from the core is not an easy task as it requires determination, finances, and thorough knowledge of the field. The difficult task of starting a company can be achieved by dividing it into small, manageable objectives,

  • Renting a space for setting up an office and working area.
  • The office will be set up to deal with clients directly.
  • Working area will be established to put tools, equipment and carry out a different analysis.
  • Deciding the name and policy of the company.
  • Purchasing tools and other equipment required for the job.
  • Buying furniture and stationery to set up the office.
  • Hiring staff to work in the departments of cleaning, management, administration, plumbing, and others.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.


Highlights of being a private contractor as compare to being associated with the construction company are as follows,

  • The success of a project by a company is enjoyed by the company as a whole and does not give any recognition to the employees individually. It is majorly the success of employer whereas, being a company owner, one can make their name in any field due to their hard work.
  • Construction companies only take big projects which cannot be always available whereas private contractors can work on small projects or fix house problems and continue to earn.
  • Being in the field allows you to think differently and responsibly towards your teammates.


Every business or setup requires a specific skill set for running it and making it successful. Skillset may vary from business to business, but it is very important. For running a plumbing business, the following skills can be very essential,

  • A professional degree in plumbing or any certification to assist in the process of registration.
  • Mostly plumbing skills are learned from seniors in the field and honed with the passage of time in each successive project.
  • Communication skills are very important as they assist in communicating with the clients and help you to understand their requirements and tell your services to them.
  • Financial knowledge is very crucial in every business as every step requires the involvement of finances i.e., purchasing equipment, paying to employees, hiring process, etc.


Plumbing Services Company Proposal