Product Marketing Proposal Sample Template

Winning over clients is possible if you are able to run the marketing campaign effectively. Most people choose to prepare the product marketing proposal to grow their brand and get it exposed to maximum people.

What is product marketing proposal?

A product marketing proposal is a persuasive and compelling document that details the information about the product you are selling. The proposal shares the information relevant to the product being sold and every detail is written in a compelling manner that attracts the customers.


This proposal tells the clients how the product being marketed in the proposal can impact their life. It also tells how the customer will be able to reach his goals using this product. The product’s cost and other details are mentioned so that the customer can decide right away whether to buy the product or not.

Tips to write the product marketing proposal:

  1. The proposal should be written in a brief manner so that the customer does not feel any hassle in reading that. Many customers ignore the proposal because of the lengthy details which are too hard to read.
  2. The proposal should be written in such a way that it makes the user take interest in the proposal and the product it describes. A good marketer always thinks about unique ideas to make the proposal unique and catchy enough to grab the attention of the client.
  3. The main focus of the proposal should be on the client rather than the product itself. Many people focus on describing the features of the product and forget to tell how it will benefit the customer. Writing the customer-oriented proposal can easily grab the attention of the customers

Product marketing proposal template:

Writing and designing a proposal is not an easy task. One has to put a lot of effort if he is not an expert. People who are not experts and don’t know how to write an attractive and persuasive proposal can download the proposal template. This template provides a ready-made marketing proposal. All the user needs to do is add the details of the product being sold.

Sample Proposal Template

Executive Summary

We-Water is introducing a new line of flavored sparkling water, enhancing the natural flavors to provide a healthier alternative to sugary carbonated drinks. Initially, 4 flavors are being launched.

Objective: To initiate a marketing strategy for the launch of Flavored Water.

Company Introduction

ABC is a full-service Marketing Agency founded in 2000 in New York, USA. We offer a wide range of marketing services, including public relations, digital solutions, website design, and online marketing. Through our professional marketing, we provide a fresh and unique approach to reach the desired target. We are the best at what we do and our prices are unbeatable.

Market Analysis

We want to carry out a thorough sales and marketing regulation, so the product launch turns out to be a great success. We expect to do our promotions through marketing campaigns, advertisements in newspapers, social media, television, and radio.

Industry Analysis: Today, people are getting more and more health-conscious. Young consumers are concerned about their body intakes far more than previous generations. Reducing the intake of sugary drinks has been shown to reduce obesity in children, particularly those who are already overweight. Flavored water is one of the best alternatives. We plan on capturing the image of a healthy and active lifestyle in our marketing strategy.

Customer Analysis: Consumers prefer trying new flavors and the availability of a wide range of boosts market growth. We will highlight this aspect of diversity in our marketing campaign.

Competitive Analysis: Currently there are 20 other brands producing flavored water. What gives We-water an edge is a fact that they have unique flavors and a wide variety at an affordable price.

Target Audience

The most health-centric group of consumers in the age group of men and women younger than 25 years of age.

Brand Awareness

To reach the target audience, we have planned out the following strategy for positioning the product:

Photo-Shoot: Conduct a photoshoot of the product being launched.

We will hire 6 models for the campaign. We will go to 3 locations for the photoshoot with the models endorsing the product.

These photos will be used on posters, magazines, billboards, and other print mediums.

Design the Marketing Campaign: Develop the content for the relevant media:

  • Print Media: Our qualified designers will make visually appealing ads. They will design creative and colorful posters, billboards and newspaper ads.
  • Social Media: Today, social media has a massive user base. We will share the content on social media networks. Text, image updates, and videos will be uploaded to drive the audience.
  • Radio Broadcast: Our team will produce an audio advertisement, which will run on the radio.

Marketing Strategy/Steps

We plan to work on Institutional and promotional advertisements to increase brand awareness.

Print Media Advertisement:

  • Print a full page spread in the sports, health and teen magazines.
  • A week before the launch print half front-page ads in the ABC newspaper.
  • Placement of 15 billboards on the main roads in urban and metropolitan areas for 30 days.

Social Media Advertisement: A launch promotional Ad will run on YouTube and blogger’s pages. Effective Facebook and Twitter ads will be placed.

Internet Advertisement: All the ads on the internet will be optimized by our company to ensure the maximum click-through rate. Web Banners will be placed, providing a direct link to the company’s page.

Radio Advertisement: An ad will run between 3 pm-10 pm. The length of the ad will be 1 minute.


The estimated cost for running this campaign for 2 months will be approximately $40,000. The cost of items is as follows:

Name | As per | $US

Print Media | Day | $300
Social Media Ads | Month | $2,000
Banner Display Ads | Month | $100
Billboard Ad. | Month | $250
Radio Ad. | Week | $400


  • 30% of the total payment should be paid at the time of proposal acceptance.
  • 30% at the time of approval of the samples.
  • 40% at the time of deployment.


An audit will be done after each month to ensure that the plan is being executed in a cost-effective and controlled manner. A ‘right to audit’ clause will be added to the contract so that internal auditors can examine records.

Product marketing proposal