Project Proposal Templates

When you need to submit a project then you may need to make a project proposal. This can help tell what your project is all about. If you want to know how to make this proposal, then continue reading on.

What is a project proposal?

A project proposal is regarded as a document that is employed to get the project sponsor’s approval. This has the ability to make and even break some projects. If one wants to receive the funding as well as the support required to move forward, their project proposal should give a clear rationale, particularly for approval.

This can be done by displaying the ways that the project can resolve any potential problems and take advantage of every opportunity.


How to make a project proposal?

A project proposal is indeed a very important document and care needs to be taken when creating it. These vary depending upon the kind of project as well as organization, and if the proposal will be for internal or maybe external use. Nevertheless, there are certain common details that you can include. Below are some typical sections that can be included:

  • The Executive Summary– In this briefly give sponsors an overview concerning the project. You need to give a compelling pitch allowing sponsors to be convinced that the project will be good after they read the summary.
  • Background– The background information needs to give context, like company history, the details about the issue or opportunity being addressed, moreover the proposed solution.
  • The Objectives– State measurable goals and also a broader vision present for supporting business objectives.
  • Your Methodology– What is the project approach, organization plus certain activities as well as deliverables which can move this toward its goal.
  • Resources– State all resources needed to finish a project, like human resources, tools plus equipment, etc.
  • Budget– State all project costs within the budget. You can list every item separately in some table or maybe spreadsheet with its connected cost.
  • Measurement plus Reporting– The ways that you will define as well as measure success need to be given. Tell the ways you will measure and even report progress.
  • Any Risks– The potential risks should be given and also the probability of occurrence, any potential impact, along with plans for mitigating these if they do happen. If you want you can have a risk management plan that is a detailed one.
  • Appendix– Over here list any separate documents which are attached so as to support your proposal.


A project proposal has advantages as it is an important document. The advantages include:

  • It can help in telling sponsors why your project is important and how it can help the community out.
  • The proposal can help sponsors in making the decision concerning whether or not to finance your project.

Final Words:

A project proposal is a very important document. This needs to be prepared carefully so that sponsors can know what your project is about and help them make the choice for funding it or not. A project proposal can include the above points clearly.

Sample Project Proposal Template

Executive Summary

Thank you for having a meeting with us. We have prepared a proposal for your project. It contains a summary of all the details regarding [Project Name]. We have provided, a timeline and an estimated cost for the services we offer.


[Mention Company Background]

[Mention Company Services]

Our company is one of the leading companies in this business, working for the past [Number] years. Our team is highly qualified and professional. We offer a wide range of [services]. Our company looks forward to several opportunities in the future. We believe in creating respectable relationships with our clients. This motivates us to find ways to exceed their expectations and expand our business.


The objective of this project is to achieve the following:

[Project Milestones]

  1. [Objective description #1]
  2. [Objective description #2]
  3. [Objective description #3]

Aim/Scope of the Project

We aim to provide excellent assistance to our clients. [Service Provider] has worked with hundreds of clients to increase their performance and improve their workflows.

[Project Function]

[Project Deliverables]

[Project Features]

[Achievement/Result of the Project]

Our team will ensure that the project is focused and executed to the expectations.

Hardware/ Software/Tools Requirements

The list below shows the required equipment we will be needing for the project. With these tools, we will be able to make a collaborative effect in developing the project.

[List of Requirements]


The project will take approximately [Time Duration]. We have defined the steps taken during the completion down below:

OrderDescriptionStart and End dates/Time duration
Step 1  
Step 2  
Step 3  


The estimated cost for this project will be $[Amount]. The cost of items is as follows:

Item 1$ [amount]
Item 2$ [amount]
Item 3$ [amount]


  • The price offer will expire within the next [Number] days after the proposal has been received.
  • [Value] % of the total cost should be deposited upon acceptance of the proposal.
  • [Value] % of the total cost should be deposited upon deliverance of the project.
  • Time taken for the production and development will be around [Time Duration].
  • This agreement shall be in accordance with the law of [Place].


We request [Name of the Client Company] to review the contents of the proposal thoroughly before signing the final contract. If you have any queries, please discuss them with us.

[Name of Service Provider]

[Name of Representative],

[Telephone Number]

[Name of Client Company],

[Name of Representative],


Project proposal template