Proposal Cover Letter Templates

No matter, you are a salesman or a business owner, writing a cover letter for a proposal is the most important skill. Writing a perfect cover letter can help you win the hearts of your clients. A proposal has to be an attractive piece of document that can grab the attention of the client.

What makes the proposal successful is the cover letter? Therefore, the cover letter has a lot of significance when it comes to writing the proposal. The proposal cover letter is seen by your clients before anything else. So, writing an attractive cover letter is important.

There are three main parts of the proposal that are most focused on by the clients. These are:

  1. The cost
  2. The timeline
  3. The cover letter

As a matter of fact, people spend time reading these three components of the proposal. So, if you want to attract your clients and grab your hopes, make a catchy cover letter.

While writing the proposal cover letter, the first thing you need to do is understand the needs of the client. The easiest way to know what your client wants is to meet them in person and ask them what exactly they want from you. For example, if the client asks you to update the website. You should ask them what type of update they want.

Once you obtain all the details, it is time for you to mention your plans, pricing, and different features of the product you want to launch. Make sure that your cover letter is capable enough to address the problems of your clients so that they can readily accept the proposal.

What is the format of a cover letter?

The first paragraph of the cover letter is very important as it can persuade the reader to continue reading the proposal. You can start the cover letter by saying something unusual or strange so that the reader takes interest in your cover letter.

You should be clear about what you are writing. When you have decided what you are going to say in the proposal, you write the proposal in such a way that the client can also easily understand what you are trying to convey. Many proposals fail because of the reflection of indecisiveness in the proposal cover letter.

The closing proposal letter should include the invitation for the reader to read the entire proposal for more important details that you have added.

Cover letter templates:

Many people fail to produce a cover letter with the information needed by the client because they actually don’t know how to put the right information in the proposal in the right place. Although making the cover letter becomes an additional thing to be done while writing the proposal, it has plenty of benefits.

If you feel writing the cover letter is a hassle, download a free-of-cost cover letter template that saves the time of user and provides complete assistance in making a winning proposal. The user is just required to input the details.

Proposal letter -1

I am writing this letter on behalf of ABC corporation, an office furnishing company, regarding your notice in the XYZ newspaper on 20th December 20XX.

The notice caught our attention as we deem ABC corporation to be a fit for this job in terms of our experience and expertise. We have been supplying all sorts of office furniture throughout the country for 20 years. We offer a wide variety of furniture as well as diverse materials of the furniture. In addition, we have skilled and enough workers to complete this project on time as per your deadline and requirements.

ABC can provide you with quality furniture at a reasonable cost which is why we think you can trust and choose us. We hope to hear a positive response from you so we can indulge in further communication. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [Contact Details].


Will Watson.

Proposal letter -2

Regarding your advertisement in XYZ newspaper on 1st January 20XX, I am writing this letter as a representative of ABC limited, a well-known advertising agency.

We, at ABC, have been providing advertising services to national as well as international companies for more than three decades. We have created over 50,000 TV commercials and have run over 10,000 advertising campaigns.

We are proposing our services to your company and we ascertain quality and price reasonability. We think we would be the best choice for your company and you would experience an increased customer base with our creative advertisements. We are waiting for your positive response.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [Contact Details].


Jennifer John.

Proposal cover letter template