Proposal Letter for Canteen in Hospital

A canteen is an essential part of a hospital. It provides basic food items to patients admitted to the hospital. Hospitals generally don’t open canteen as their focus is on medical care and treatment. Therefore, they welcome applications from various candidates who want to run a canteen in the hospital. If you are also interested in it, make sure that you can write a proposal.

What is a proposal letter for the canteen in a hospital?

It is a letter written in a formal tone to the management of the hospital. In this letter, a proposal writer expresses his interest to open the canteen in the hospital.

What should a proposal look like?

In the hospital, the canteen is given the main priority because people must get hygienic food in the hospital. So, when you write the proposal, let the reader know how the cafeteria you want to open is different from others. This letter is a type of permission letter in which you ask the reader to provide you an opportunity to sell food and related stuff to people visiting the cafeteria.


How to write a proposal?

Following are some tips that can be followed to write a winning proposal:

Give your introduction:

If you are writing on behalf of your catering company, give a complete overview of your company. Describe the experience of running the canteens in different medical institutes in past. This will let the reader know that you know how a canteen should be run and what people expect from the hospital canteen.

Describe your objective:

In this part, you are required to write a mission statement. Here you will describe your objective of starting the canteen. This should be tailored to the needs of the hospital canteen.  This will enable you to make the recipient feel that you have the potential to run the canteen in an efficacious way.

Keep the letter short:

Many people write proposals of great length because they have so much to communicate. However, this is not a good strategy especially when you write a letter.  The letter should be kept short. Usually, the ideal length is one page only. However, make sure that you don’t miss out on any essential detail.

Keep the tone professional:

Your letter should sound professional which will be proof that you know professionalism. For showing professionalism, make sure that your tone is formal. Address the reader appropriately, and don’t forget to mention the subject of the letter and use professional language.

Describe what benefits the hospital will reap:

Every hospital wants to know how capable you are to meet the needs of the canteen. So, here you will describe your capabilities in terms of the benefits you are likely to bring to the table. Read the mind of the reader so that you can figure out what you need to write to prove that you are a better candidate than others and your proposal should be given consideration.

Below is a sample letter for you that you can read and follow if you also want to target a hospital to open a cafeteria in the hospital:


Subject: Proposal for the opening of canteen at [X]

Respected Sir/Madam,

ABC Company is a catering company the experience of more than 10 years in the field of catering. We also have extensive experience in running cafeterias in different hospitals. 

We are always committed to providing high-quality and hygienic food to patients and their relatives who visit the hospital. We are not just aimed to sell the food but to deliver the quality. Our priority is to ensure the safety of visitors to the hospital. Furthermore, the rates of the food items will also be very affordable.

We will offer 60% of the share in the profit generated from the hospital café. If you are interested in making us open the cafeteria in your hospital, please feel free to contact us on [XYZ]. We will be glad to serve you.

Proposal Letter for Canteen in Hospital