Proposal Letter for Culminating Activity

Many educational institutes particularly schools and colleges initiate the culminating project. The purpose of this project is to enable the students to develop and put their studies into practice. This way, students can learn in a better way. Some culminating activities are also initiated to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to conduct research in the particular area of their interest.

It is a type of formal document that is usually written to the principal of the educational institute to convince him into accepting the proposal. The person who writes the proposal has a very clear perspective in his mind to initiate and fund a culminating project in the educational institute. In this proposal, the sender describes how this project will be initiated and what benefits will be achieved.

Many schools run a culminating activity as a part of the school’s activity that has a clear purpose to assess the students based on what they demonstrate. There are different ways in which these activities are carried out. It is a very common practice for educational institutes to collaborate with third parties for carrying out such activities.


For this purpose, they often solicit proposals and then choose the one they find feasible. In some cases, students write this proposal when they want to participate in the culminating activity.

Students who want to represent their research work in the form of a dissertation write this proposal which enables them to get permission from the principal to carry out this process. Some organizations also write this letter.

Students are often required to complete their dissertation work so that they can be able to complete their degree program. However, it is often not possible for them to do the research without the support of an educational institute. So, when they write this proposal, they ask the institute to provide the supervisor and funding for getting the research work done.

If you are capable of doing the research and demonstrating your knowledge in the area of your research, you should also be able to write this proposal. Below are some basic guidelines to follow:

Give your introduction at the very start of the letter to let the reader know who you are and why you are interested to initiate a culminating project.

Express your interest:

Since the objective of the proposal letter is always to express your interest, you should be able to tell why you are interested in taking part in the project and why you think you are eligible for this project. If you want to demonstrate your abilities by writing a thesis, mention how many credit hours it carries, what are your area of research and some other pertinent details?

Talk about your strength areas:

To convince the reader, mention what are your strength areas and how you can do the research in a better way. This will provide enough reasons for the reader to choose you over many others.

Proposal Letter:

Subject: Proposal for initiating a culminating activity

The Principal,

I am a student of MS software engineering last semester at ABC College. I am writing this proposal letter to express my interest in initiating a culminating project as a part of my MS Degree. I have already published two research papers for my BS program in a well-known Journal.

The topic of my dissertation will be the area of Artificial Intelligence. This thesis will be large than a research paper.  My work dissertation is a program of 6 credit hours. I am intended to complete this research project in two semesters. I assure you that I am capable of carrying out a thorough critical analysis of the area and proposing a solution in the relevant discipline.

According to the requirements of the dissertation of your culminating project, I am ready to follow MLA, APA, and Chicago methods of formatting. I hope that I will be able to find the opportunity to do research work with your institute.

Proposal Letter for Culminating Activity