Proposal Letter for Establishing a New School

Establishing a new school requires you to fulfill lots of legal and financial requirements. It is a very complex process and requires you to take lots of things on board. There are lots of organizations that solicit a proposal from those people who can open an educational institute for children. This usually happens when the organizations don’t have enough funds.

What is a proposal for establishing a new school?

It is a formal document in which you express your interest in setting up a school. There are lots of details added to this document that match the interest of the reader. When there is a problem to be solved, the proposal provides the solution to that problem. Similarly, setting up a school is also deemed a problem and the proposal writer tells how this problem will be resolved.

What is the purpose?

Just like any other proposal, the objective of the proposal is to persuade the reader into accepting the offer made by the proposal writer. When you have a clear perspective of creating a school, you can be sure as to what you should write in the letter. This way, you will be in a better position to put a better proposal in place.


What should be included in the proposal letter?

Introduction of the sender:

Every proposal letter must include the introductory details of the company or the individual who is writing the proposal to show interest in running the school project. In this part of the letter, the sender describes the company’s name, experience, licensing details, and much more of the reader’s interest.

Describe the details of the project you are interested in:

Here, you will be required to describe the school you want to set up. Mention the size of the school you are interested in opening, school level, and other details.

Discuss the benefits:

Since you are trying to persuade the reader, explain how accepting your proposal can help the reader reap fruitful results. Also, mention what benefits the school will bring to the local community and how many students will the school be able to accommodate.

Give funding details:

In the end, describe the funding you can afford to do for initiating the project. Must tell the reader in the letter whether you are ready to expand the school in future or not.

Below is a sample proposal letter that can help you convincingly draft a letter.

Sample proposal letter:


Subject: Proposal for initiating a school project

To Whom It May Concern

This proposal letter is being written regarding the application for proposals for establishing a new school in (mention the location) on behalf of XYZ Company. Our company is running 20 schools in different localities of Pakistan. We have a keen interest in initiating and running schools and our expertise in running schools is at an advanced level.

 After thorough research, it has been found that there is an increased demand for schools in this area.

Our master plan framework will support the development of a school with the latest infrastructure. We believe that the new solution that this school provides will help meet the academic needs of parents as well as students. This school will provide everyone with the expertise of the brilliant academic staff.

We have not decided on the size of the school yet since it depends on the requirements of the pupil and teachers. We have signed a lease agreement with ABC Company for leased land. Our company is currently ready to fund 10,000 $ for the establishment of the school.

The school will initially accommodate primary-level students and academic staff. With time, we have a plan to expand the school. The quality of the education will be our priority and there is a strong commitment to delivering the best services to everyone in the locality.

We hope that you will find this proposal to be feasible for you. Please contact us at no 3252364 to discuss the offer in detail. Looking forward to a kind reply from you.

Proposal Letter for Establishing a New School

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