Proposal Letter for Legal Services

To run daily errands smoothly, an attorney might always come in handy whether it’s a matter of copyright issue, or it’s a matter of debt collection, whether it’s a contractual disagreement, or a matter of defamation. If you are seeking any such service, we are the right person to contact.

We are X law firm, a renowned and top-notch law firm in the city. We can provide with you the most competent attorney in the city who can help you deal with several issues.

The services we offer are listed below:

  • Trademark Issues:

If you are dealing with the issues of copyright, or if someone has stolen the logo of your company this service will allocate a lawyer who will resolve the issue legally. The charges for this service are [X]$. 

  • Harassment Issues:

If your boss or any colleague is harassing you, we can get rid of this problem. They will not be able to touch you again. The charges for this service are [X]$.

  • Debt Issues:

If you are a person who owes a debt and the lender is bothering you with the calls and messages, we can help you by taking the matter into our hands and he will not be able to contact you directly. The charges for this service are [X]$.

Moreover, if you are the lender and need to collect the debt from the borrower, we can help you in this scenario, we will take legal actions that will make him pay the debt immediately. The charges for this service are [x]$.

If you need any of the services stated above please do not hesitate to call on our number [x]. You may also reach us by writing an email on x or may visit us during office hours. The address of the law firm is x. We are looking forward to serving you soon. Awaiting your response. Thank you. 


Proposal letter for legal services

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Sample -2

In response to your query, I am writing this letter to give you a detailed overview regarding the proposal for legal services. Currently, we are providing the services listed below.

The description and the charges of the service are also mentioned. Please go through them thoroughly and let us know which service you would like to avail of so we start the procedure. The services are as follows:

  • Audit of business accounts:

If you are dissolving your partnership and are looking for someone who can help you audit your business account we can assist you. Also, if you want to make a partnership agreement you may take our help. The charges for both the services are [x]$.

  • Insurance Issues:

If you want to claim your insurance which is matured or due we can be of great help. The charges for this service are [x]$.

  • Law Suits:

If someone is making a false claim at you or someone is trying to sue you in court for a business injury, we are available on the front for your defense. We can provide you with this service for [x]$.

Kindly let us know your decision as soon as possible. You may call us on our number x or may drop an email at x. Looking forward to serving you soon. Waiting for your positive response. 


Proposal letter for legal services

Proposal letter file: 19 KB