Proposal Letter for Purchasing an Apartment for Office

A proposal letter for purchasing an apartment for the office is a letter written by an individual or a small organization that is seeking to buy an apartment to set it up as an office. It can be addressed to an owner of an apartment, one’s employer, or a financial institution. This letter is written to explain one’s proposal of purchasing an apartment as well as to justify the purchase, and the associated benefits.

Although the main purpose of this letter is to seek approval of the request, the motive can slightly vary depending on the type of addressee it is being written to.

  • If it is being written to an owner of an apartment, clarity needs to be provided, that after the apartment’s purchase, it will be used for a commercial purpose. It is important because maybe, the apartment is in a residential building, and the owner is not allowed to sell it for a commercial office, and the deal might cause issues in the future if this is not taken into account.
  • If it is being addressed to an employer, it includes the convincing statements to persuade the employer because the new space is the need of the hour.
  • If it is being sent to a financial institution, such as a bank, usually, the aim is to seek a loan for the purchase.

In addition to the addressee type, the content of the proposal letter may vary as per the circumstances as well. However, generally, the following information is included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the addresser.
  • The proposal of an apartment purchase for the office.
  • State a price (even if approximate).
  • Benefits and convincing statements.
  • Seek approval of the request.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Show hopefulness.

When this letter is received, if the addressee is an owner, and he does not have an issue with the apartment’s usage, once it is sold, if he likes the addresser’s offer, he will accept it. If the addressee is the employer he would analyze if the purchase is justified, and whether the company would be benefitted. The third addressee type of a financial institution would analyze the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Sample Letter

I am writing this proposal letter to show my intention of purchasing your apartment (number [X], building [X]) in the ABC area.

I am a freelancer and have been doing freelance work for more than ten years. Now that I have developed a huge network of clients, I could not handle work alone. I have made a small team of five people, and we want to work from one place so that we can turn this freelance work into regular work with proper contracts in the future.

The area in which your apartment is located is perfectly distanced from our houses, and our traveling can easily be managed. I want to make this purchase in my name with my personal money and want to set it up as our office space.  We do not have a registered company yet, as we are still working as freelancers, but as a team.

I have heard you are interested in selling this apartment as well. I am willing to pay $[X], and I can pay the whole amount in equal installments over a three-month period. I will be very grateful if you accept my offer.

Looking forward to your positive reply. Thank you.

Proposal Letter for Purchasing an Apartment for Office