Proposal Letter for Real Estate Business Partnership

A proposal letter for a real estate business partnership is a letter written by an individual or an organization, that wants to partner with another individual or an organization, who is the addressee in this letter as well. The addressee can be the one, that has a real estate business, or can be the one, who may be interested in starting this business in partnership.

In this letter, the proposer gives a partnership offer and states the mutual benefits both parties can avail themselves of. Through this letter, efforts are made to convince the addressee for accepting the partnership proposal.

A real estate business is a business with a probability of high-profit margins, and therefore, people are often interested in it. However, having a partner always reduces the risk as well as divides the workload. When a person is interested in forming a partnership with another, he needs to communicate formerly and make the latter aware of the advantages of the potential partnership.

Hence, this proposal letter is written, the details of which can vary in different circumstances, for instance:

  • Whether the business is already established or not,
  • Whether a business is to be initiated in partnership,
  • Whether the benefits of the partnership are higher than the sole proprietorship for both the parties,
  • Whether the level of interest of the other individual is high or low,
  • Whether the number of challenges related to the real estate business partnership are many or are they limited, etc.

 However, generally, the following information is contained in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Addressee information.
  • Addresser information.
  • The proposal of the partnership, with all the relevant details of the partnership ratio, investment amount, etc.
  • Experience, expertise, and skills.
  • Benefits (both to the addressee and mutual).
  • Convincing arguments.
  • Seek acceptance.
  • Show hopefulness.

It is a formal letter and should be written in a tone, that shows professionalism. Any sort of condescending statements should be avoided, and the convincing arguments should be based on the potential benefits, and not on one’s deemed superior experience or expertise.

Letter Sample

I am writing this letter to propose a partnership offer to you in your real estate business.

I have experience in the real estate business of seven years. I owned a small company in the ABC area, and I was a sole proprietor. However, due to some personal reasons, I had to shift to this XYZ area.

I have done my research, and although I had a good clientage over there, I thought to partner with a successful business owner, rather than starting my own setup and finding new clientage. If I start my own venture, the clientage may get divided, and neither you nor myself can benefit, as XYZ is a small locality.

Our partnership would help us in building our clientage better. In addition, it will give you flexibility as well. As you are working as a sole proprietor, this partnership can lessen your burden. Further, together we can handle the clients better. If one of us has to go with the client to the sight, the other can remain in the office to handle other clients.

I understand you have earned your name and reputation over a long time, so I am ready to invest $[X] to get a 50% partnership. I am certain, that we both can become a great team, and we will be mutually benefited.

I am looking forward to your interest and positive reply.

Proposal Letter for Real Estate Business Partnership