Proposal Letter for School Partnership

My name is Antonio Shakes, the General Manager of CT Wen Consultants. CT Wen Consultants is famous for its distribution of study scholarships to students in various regions and countries. We provide student scholarships for study in the schools, colleges, and universities of the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Turkey, and China.

We have been rendering our services for twenty years and have worked both autonomously and jointly in partnership. We provide student support and back them in providing visas for their studies abroad so that they can get ready for a bright career and study in universities and schools of their own kind.

As far as we know about Jerome Business School, your school keeps an eminent place in the state, and hence it is appreciated by various families and students. People from all over the world come here to earn their degrees in business, finance, and commerce specializing in corporate marketing, business in the education, and international trade and commerce.


The school has conducted several research programs and held multiple national and international conferences for its students. Jerome High School does not leave a single loophole in the process of the nourishment of the students as shining stars of the future.

Looking at the immense dedication to student learning and betterment, I have enclosed AOL documents for the proposal of partnership. This partnership will not only help you in getting more profit but will also help you in getting recognized at international levels across the globe.

We will provide excellent advertisements and programs to promote the school. This two-way flourishment will meet delightful ends. I hope you would like to work with CT Wen Consultants once you visit its profile and enclosed documents of the proposal.

Please, feel free to contact us for further information. Our contact details are the following:

Email: [sample email]
Phone: +[Phone]
Fax: +[Fax]

We will be glad to seek your collaboration with CT Wen Consultants. Thank you.


Antonio Shakes The General Manager, CT Wen Consultants, California, USA.

Proposal Letter for School Partnership


Re: Proposal for Partnership with US Tech Company and Lymon School of Tech and Designing

Dear Madam,

I am Edmund Rose, the Proctor General of the US Tech Company. To explain to you briefly, US Tech is a company that provides IT services and other relevant entities. We provide services in Web Designing, CCTV Software systems, and Systems on Java Scripts, and cope with all the issues related to IT comes under our expertise. Your school has been a well-known institute and well-praised according to our knowledge in the field of business management and marketing.

The pandemic has caused all the schools to shift their education to online systems in which students can get their education and regular lessons from home online. This issue has troubled many schools in shifting their IT services from one phase to another for stable working and effective teaching. Moreover, it has been seen that the Lymon School conducts programs in teaching all of their students IT skills and accommodates them to showcase their capabilities to get recognized on higher platforms.

We have been providing our services for ten years and keep an eminent name in the market of IT and Graphic Designing. Briefing all this, we invite you to partner with US Tech Company which will help you in developing unique career opportunities for the students and holding your IT Systems.

Our company will also make sure to create a workforce for your school. We will provide flexible terms to your students for jobs and internship programs. I have enclosed the list of proposal points with all terms and conditions. I hereby declare that all the information provided is true and real and nothing has been omitted to render misleading information.

Moreover, I acknowledge abiding by all the terms and conditions at their best. Please contact us at [website] or call us at +[X]. I hope to get this proposal to meet good consequences. Thank you.


Edmund Rose, Proctor General, US Tech Company, California, USA

Proposal Letter for School Partnership