Proposal Letter for School Science Project

Proposals are generally drafted when a person or a group of people want to work on a particular project and need permission and funding from the targeted business. In the case of a science project, most students write the project and they demonstrate their interest in the project and express their needs for funding to take the project to completion successfully.

In schools, every project is initiated to educate people or benefit those people who want to get educated in the school. It enhances the learning of the people who work on the science project and demonstrate that the school has an interest in contributing to the field of science and therefore, invests in it.

People write the proposal to get funding from the targeted institution for completing the project. They also try to convince people into funding them and accepting that they have something very useful to bring to the table.


This letter must include the following elements:

Introduction of the sender:

The person who writes the proposal should give his introduction so that the principal of the school can identify him. Some schools give preference to students. Therefore, if you are a student, giving an introduction in the letter can help you win over the principal or any other stakeholder of the school.

Describe the project:

After the introduction, describe the science project that you want to initiate. Mention what made you think of starting the project and what benefit it will be capable of bringing. In addition, specify the questions the project will be able to answer as well as why you feel there is a need to work on a project like the one you are interested to take on.

Mention requirements:

Since your basic objective is to elicit funds and material that you need for completing the project, mention the total worth of the project. In some cases, people don’t ask for the funding. Rather, they ask for providing required material. Make a list of materials that you will need if you don’t want to make a demand for funds.

Offer to provide further details:

This part of the letter should make it clear to the reader that you are ready to provide additional details pertaining to the science project if the reader wishes to meet you in person. Also, tell the principal that the school will have full rights to keep the completed project in its possession if it has funded the project and you will never reveal the idea of the project to any other educational institute.

Read the sample letter given below and see what a proposal letter looks like.

Sample letter:


The Principal,

Mention the name of the school

Subject: Proposal for a science project at [X]

Respected Sir,

I am (mention your name), student of class X, section B. I want to participate in the school’s science fair by working on a science project. I have a unique project idea for hydropower plant simulation. There are many questions regarding the hydropower plant which will be answered through this project. The purpose of this project is to educate people and let everyone know that our school is working significantly in the field of science.

I have decided to complete this project in a series of steps. I would like to explain the entire project to you if you agree to meet me in person. To complete this project, I will need the material, a list of which has been given below.

  1. ____________________
  2. ____________________
  3. ____________________

I assure you that I will be fulfilling my learning goals after I have finished this project. I will ensure that every person in the science fair interested in this project learns enough from it. I hope that you will consider my proposal. I agree that choosing to work on this project is my personal choice and I will not share it with anyone.


Proposal Letter for School Science Project