Proposal Letter for School Tie up

I am composing this letter in the hopes of your sound health and well-being. Being the chairperson of the school, I am writing this letter to bring your attention to the common visions and terrains of goals of our institutes. Both of our schools share a lot of similarities in their curriculum and vision keeping in view the children’s vocation and bright future.

Both the schools are of the view to nurture and prepare the teenagers for a future full of risks and opportunities both. We believe in the practical and smart training of the students as well as their academic progressions.

In the last month, I had a meeting with your coordinator in which both of us discussed the outline of the working modules of both the schools in the disciplines of business and finance. In the wake of all this, I put a proposal for a school tie-up in the field of business and finance. This will not only help us in educating the students more smartly but will also strengthen our capacity to invest in their betterment in the right direction. Two forces made in one dimension can give more output than as compared to a single force.


I assure you of full cooperation and assistance in this regard. I have enclosed further details with the letter which can be demonstrated if demanded. You can respond to me by writing to me at [email]. I thank you in anticipation.


Java Next,
The Chairman, Kim Foundation High School
California, USA

Proposal Letter for School Tie up


Re: Proposal for School Tie-up in Extra-curricular Enterprises

Dear Madam,

I am Colley Veronica, the manager of Cael High School. I am penning this draft on behalf of my school authorities who have expressed the desire for a school tie-up with you. It is thought that both the schools are working on the same vision at the same pace, hence more output and better consequences can be acquired in this way.

It can not only help to achieve better but will also make us realize our shortcomings and weaknesses of us as organizations and institutes. This process of mutual growth can be witnessed by the joint session of both the schools on Law and Order in the USA and the Role of Law Enforcement Organizations. That session went very successfully, and it created history.

Given the past coordinated projects, I hope school tie-up can hold up both the schools and lead to an era of prosperity and productivity. To keep this going, we have decided to tie up the extracurricular activities and extra-academic programs which include therapy sessions and addressing Global Challenges. Through the collective coordination, we can expect profound outcomes and we can get outsourcing together also. The extracurricular projects are likely as:

  • forming clubs and teams which may include art, languages, and speeches
  • internships
  • culture clubs
  • community work and volunteer services
  • music club
  • reading, editing, and writing

In this era of competition, we need to keep growing. I hope this proposal of the joint execution can turn out to be a great deal. Please inform us about your earliest possible availability at [email] so that a meeting can be arranged for further discussions on projects and catalogs. I thank you in anticipation.


Colley Veronica
The Manager
Cael High School, California, USA

Proposal Letter for School Tie up