Proposal Letter for Tie-up with Hotels

We often have to tie up with hotels for a variety of purposes. Whether we are running a business that needs hotel collaboration or we are individuals, who need support, we will be required to share our expression of interest. We can directly contact the management of the hotel also. However, the professional approach is that we write a proposal letter to the hotel’s manager and let him know what we are expecting from him.

It is a letter in which a business expresses its intent to do business with the hotel. Businesses often want to work with hotels to expand their services or increase their exposure. Such business relationships work on grounds of mutual benefits. So, this proposal letter tells that the sender of the letter has his benefits to reap and he wants to do it by benefiting the hotel also.

If you are running a lucrative business, you will get the approval of the hotel. It is important to remember that you can never convince the reader to accept your offer if you are unable to tell what benefits you will give to the hotel 


Since you want to convince the reader for accepting the proposal, you should make sure that you add the following details to it:

When you write this letter, you should assume that the reader does not know anything about you and your business. This will help you write an introduction section more engagingly. However, you should know what kind of introduction you are expected to write. Since it is a formal letter, you cannot make it exceed the ideal length of two pages. Therefore, make sure that your proposal is not too long.

Write a statement of expression of interest:

When you write a formal letter, you have to be clear and concise. So, instead of beating around the bush and expecting the reader to elicit the meaning, you should give a statement that can clearly state that you want the tie-up with the hotel. It is better to praise the hotel for the service it provides. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Describe the purpose:

Since you have already communicated that you want to work in coordination with the hotel, come up with the reason why you want it to happen. Give a clear statement as to why you want to tie with the hotel and why you have chosen this very hotel for this purpose. Make sure that you sound genuine when you give this purpose.

Describe the charges:

In most cases, the hotel manager wants to know what you are willing to pay for the tie-up. This is one of the biggest factors that a hotel considers whenever it has to decide whether to accept the offer or completely turn it down.

The Letter

Subject: Proposal for the tie-up of [XAY] Hotel at [ABX]

We are running a private educational institute (mention the name) in Abu Dhabi. Our basic objective is not just to teach our students but also to help students in getting access to the best universities in the world. Therefore, we always conduct an education expo for students who want to get an assessment of their documents done and know about the eligibility criteria.

Courteously, I would like to put forward my proposal to express my interest in tying up with your prestigious hotel for conducting the education expo for three days. We would like to hire three conference halls in your hotel for three days. We will pay 1000$ each day for one hall. In addition, we would be highly thankful if you share standard discount rates with us for conducting events with you.

We are looking forward to your positive response for sharing the required details as well as your take on accepting our proposal.

Proposal letter for tie-up with hotels