Proposal Letter to School Principal for Conducting Seminar

People often feel the need to do the seminar when they want to increase their exposure and visibility. Some seminars are carried out by different businesses as a promotion activity whereas; some are carried out by non-profit organizations to create awareness among people. If you want to conduct a seminar for students of a school, you will have to write a proposal to the principal of that school.

This is a formal document in which you make an offer to the principal of the school letting him know about your interests in organizing the program for students and academic staff of his school.

The proposal should be written in such a way that the principal of the school understands your intent. In this letter, you always go about firstly, introducing yourself and secondly, talking about the skills you have achieved and at the end, you purpose of the offer letter.


To write an engaging letter, don’t forget to keep the following points in mind:

This proposal is a business document:

Many people forget that they have to write a business document when they are making an offer in this particular scenario. When they write a letter in an informal way, they end up disappointing the reader with their writing. As a result, the reader rejects the proposal.

So, always start the letter by mentioning the address, name of the reader, a proper salutation, a subject line, and much more that is required to be added to a business letter.

Your relevant introduction is required:

Some people do the mistake of not writing the introduction in the letter which is required. If you are intended to convince the reader to accept your proposal of carrying out the seminar, you should keep this perspective in mind and then write your introduction.

For instance, if you are interested in initiating an awareness program for breast cancer, describe why you want to do this program and what your experience in this area is.

Also mention for how long you or your company has been working in your particular area and what contribution you want to make to society with your meeting.

Describe the benefits of the seminar:

The principal of the school will accept your offer and allow you to do the seminar if you can convince him about the benefits the seminar will come with. Mention how you will educate the students and teachers of the school and what you think will change positively the minds of the people.

End with the meaningful message:

In the end, you are required to conclude your letter. For this purpose, give your contact details and ask the reader to contact you if he chooses to accept your offer. Also, let him know that you are waiting for his response.

The sample letter given below will be helpful for you to determine how you can write a winning letter.

Proposal Letter:

Subject: Proposal Letter for Seminar at [LOCATION] for [EVENT].

Respected sir,

This proposal letter is being written on behalf of the ABC organization. ABC is a non-profit organization that works actively for the free treatment of women suffering from breast cancer.

In this age and time, many people are dying of cancer. Among women, breast cancer is a leading cause of death. This happens because of a lack of awareness among people. The early diagnosis of the disease can save people from death. Therefore, we have decided to conduct the seminar.

We have a team of expert and experienced doctors and oncologists as guests in the seminar. They will conduct speeches to educate people concerning the issue of breast cancer. Our organization will also collect funds from affluent people.

I hope that you will take interest in educating students and the academic staff of your school on this matter. We want your cooperation in making people more aware and bringing a positive change to society.  We are looking forward to a kind reply from your side.

Proposal Letter to School Principal for Conducting Seminar