Proposal Letter to School Principal for Seminar

I am Jennifer Tom from Valencia High School. As the head coordinator of the school, I would like you to participate and support the seminar which is to be conducted on 11th December 2045. The seminar relates to the training of the teachers and they will have training sessions on the online education system and pandemic control devising.

We are willing to conduct this seminar in the Hockey Hall of your school big gatherings in the indoor sites can be hazardous regarding the Pandemic.

Keep in view the situation of another surge in coronavirus patients we are at the edge of closing schools and shifting all the education system online. Hence the teachers with no acquaintance with the online education system are expected to be instructed and familiarized with the online teaching and learning tools, devices, assessment methods, and effective testing of the students.

In the wake of the present scenario, education has come to a big compromising edge. This seminar has to be held to cope with the impediments of COVID-19 in the field of education. To abate the stress of coronavirus, we also wish to educate the teachers with the pandemic control instructions and devise a strategy to teach the students about the required steps to be taken to cope with the current scenario. To do all this, we need your support and assistance.

Please respond to me at [email]. Further details can be provided if needed.

Proposal letter to school principal for seminar


Re: Proposal for Seminar on Environmental Strategies and Climate Change

Dear Max,

I am Shelly Roberts, head of the Department of Physical Sciences and Meteorology in your school. As you know that the current environment direly needs our attention and the global issue of climate change needs to be addressed at each level.

To educate our students on Environmental Sciences, the necessity of devising strategies to cope with the environmental challenges, and top of them the climate change, I have decided to conduct a seminar in which we can invite heads of various other schools. In the shape of this seminar, students will be able to know about

  1. Environmental challenges confronted
  2. Environmental Strategies
  3. Climate Change and its Effects
  4. Individual Role in Coping all of these

For this purpose, I also sent an email to Mr. Greene who is an Environmentalist and has been writing in this regard for a long. In the reply, Mr. Greene told me that he is available to address the seminar on 10th December 2045.

I request you to support and make your full participation sure in this regard and approve the funding for this seminar as soon as possible so that further arrangements can be made. The seminar will be conducted in Lawrence Hall at noon on 10th December 2045.

Keeping in view the profound worth of this seminar, I propose you approve the seminar’s location and funding at the earliest possibility. It will not only benefit the students but also the teachers and other staff members who will get to know a lot in this regard. I hope you will encourage and support this initiative in the form of the seminar.

You can call me to visit you in person at the school time or respond to me at [TEXT]. I shall be obliged if you kindly support this small endeavor. Thank you in anticipation.

Proposal letter to school principal for seminar