Proposal Letter to School Principal

The principal of a school is a key stakeholder who is responsible for making key decisions for the school. So, whenever you have to make an offer to the school, you will be required to write a proposal letter to the school principal.

It is a formal letter in which the service provider makes an offer to the principal of the school. There are lots of services and facilities that a school lack. If you are a provider of one of those services, you can propose an idea for a school to use them.

When to write the offer letter to the school?

As a matter of fact, when you write and send a proposal plays a pivotal role in making the success of it. When a reader does not need your services or if your services are not suitable for a school, the reader will not pay attention to your letter. Therefore, make sure that the timing of sending this letter is correct.


In most cases, you should write the proposal when you are asked for it. Such a type of proposal is known as a solicited proposal. However, if you have perceived the need of the school that the principal does not feel, you can write an unsolicited proposal and convince the principal about having this need. 

What are some essential writing tips for writing a letter in an efficacious way?

Make a humble request:

In a proposal letter, you are generally required to convince the reader and give him a call to action so that you can achieve your goal. So, make sure that you remain humble and put forward your request in an efficacious way. Don’t use a commanding tone as many principals of the school don’t like this type of tone.

Address the principal appropriately:

Don’t forget that this letter is a formal letter, and you are always expected to use a proper way to address the reader. Use a proper salutation and make the reader know that you are aware of the professionalism you need to demonstrate in your written correspondence as well as in the delivery of work.

Stay on track:

Some people find it hard to stick to their purpose and start giving irrelevant details in the letter. The reader is least interested in reading such irrelevant details. Therefore, make sure that you never go off track. There are many ways to do it. For instance, you can make a rough outline of the details you want to see in the letter. This will help you discuss what matters the most.

Mention what services you are providing and their benefits:

Once you have started to describe your main purpose of writing the proposal, make sure that you have a strong grip over your writing, and you are capable of the benefits of the services you provide in the right way. For this purpose, the first step you need to take is to pay attention to the services and needs of the school. After that, tailor your services to the needs of the school so that the principal can see how beneficial it can be for the school to render your services.

Read the sample letter given below and see how you can draft your letter to send it to the principal:

Sample service offer letter to the head of the school:



The principal:

Name of the school


Name of the company:

Subject: Proposal letter for school

Respected sir,

I am Mr. Adams running a retail store of books and notebooks. We have strong business collaboration with various publishers and therefore, we always ensure that we deal with authentic books. These books are very informative, and the content has also been verified by the government. I believe that you will find these books worthy of your library.

Students need to read books and learn from them. Therefore, the school should place books for children of all age groups in the library. We hope that these books shall be able to help students learn life skills and shape their careers.

I hope that you understand the needs of the library and accept the proposal.


Proposal letter to school principal

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