Recruitment Proposal Letter

The process of finding and scrutinizing the appropriate candidates for any vacant position in an organization is known as recruitment. The basic highlights provided by the recruiters include the abilities and skills expected from the candidates and the goals of the organization. To inform these objectives to candidates a recruitment proposal is formulated that highlights the appropriate recruitment strategy of individual organizations.

In the fast-paced world of today, the companies usually tend to further assign the responsibility of recruitment to other companies specifically offering services for this purpose. Since these companies are specialized in employee recruitment it helps the recruiting organization to find the best candidates, that too in a short period of time and with minimum effort. Thus, recruitment companies create recruitment proposals, to outsource the information to the employer organizations, as to why they should select their company for recruitment.

Recruitment proposals are of various formats, depending upon the requirements of the employer organization but there are some key details that must be a part of almost every recruitment proposal letter. These are enlisted below:

  • Organizational Introduction
  • Organization offerings
  • Skills and experience
  • Competitive edge over other recruitment companies
  • Benefits for the organizations
  • Sample list of the candidate pool
  • Terms and Conditions of Partnership Contract

Sample Letter

A sample letter for recruitment proposal is given under:

[Recruitment Company]
[Sender’s Position]
[Sender Email]
[Contact No.]

[Greetings by Recruitment Company]. Our company is keenly looking forward to serving your organization with its recruitment procedure. Getting you through with the best-suited candidates at optimum times will be our highest priority. The proposal letter entails some key working conditions of our company, including company details, company goals, services rendered by the company, and the code of conduct followed by the company.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you on [contact no.] or at [email ID].

Thankful for your consideration.

Company Details

Our company majorly focuses on human resource management and the provision of recruitment facilities to both the candidates as well as the recruiting organizations. We provide avenues to both parties for securing a job and landing an interview and serving as a means of communication between both parties. We have a wide operational network, spread to [cities count] and a client coverage of [approximate, not exact client count], still counting. Our key operational fields of recruitment include:

  • [Recruitment fields in bullets

Company Goals

Our success stems from the fact that we provide appropriate candidates within the required time and manner. Moreover, the recruitment process is made easy by our additional career advisory services that would aid your company in deciding the appropriate candidate criteria as per industry requirements. 

Services offered

Our company clearly defines the background, skills, and experiences of the candidates and maintains a continuous list of the candidates according to vacancies in various fields. Moreover, the company assures the employers and candidates of complete transparency through professional management of the resume. In addition to that, our company is also open to flexibility in the interviewing process and requirements.

Our company ensures both the candidates and recruiters a complete package in the form of best candidates, best recruiters, optimum salary packages, and sorted resumes that too with liability. Since we are preferred by both candidates and the recruiters it serves the parties at both ends of the loop. 

Code of Conduct

Our [Company name] will be supervising and managing the revenue associated with technicalities of recruitments while our company would charge the recruiter’s decided charges as a whole. Secondly, the contract would be applied until the recruiters are done with hiring the candidate for the vacancies enlisted in our company. 

[Recruitment Company’s Name with stamp]

Recruitment Proposal Letter
Recruitment Proposal Letter Template