Recruitment Proposal Cover Letter and Template

Cover Letter

I am writing this letter to inform you about my request for changing the department within the XYZ company. I have been associated with the following company for 8 years. After my graduation, I joined as an assistant and later was promoted to the rank of manager due to my determination and passion for getting the work done in every situation.

I have been serving as a manager for 4 years and have really enjoyed my time being here occupied with work and projects. I lead a team of 4 members, and we try to give our best to every project. I feel immense pleasure to be associated with great mentors and colleagues who allow me to work on my own terms.

Our company is fortunate enough to hold a great place in the business market which increases its value and gets new clients each day. The company recently set up a new venture of recruitment that will help other companies and clients in recruiting their employees. It is a great venture and will help the overall company rank in the business market.

I am aware that the higher management is considering hiring a few employees from the company to make a board of recruiting personnel. I would really want to join the panel as I am sure that I am fully equipped for the job. I have already devised a proposal for the recruitment company that can be presented to potential clients. I seek your approval for the switching.

Anxiously waiting for your response.

Recruitment proposal cover letter

Proposal Template


Recruitment is the process of finding a suitable individual with all the necessary skill sets for performing a specified job. It includes the process of interviewing, written examination, viewing CV, evaluating experience, discussions among panel fellows, and then selecting if everything checks out.

It is not an easy process and takes months of effort for recruiting the right candidate for the desired job. It is important to thoroughly cross-check every aspect as the business of the companies is dependent on their employees for putting their best efforts to contribute to the progress of the business.

The workforce of these employees allows the businesses to establish and then become successful in a short period of time but lasts longer. The process of recruitment is tough and requires specific experience in addition to knowledge to really know the true intentions of the candidate before you.

It is not difficult for the candidates to deceive the interview panel; therefore, a complete background check becomes crucial which allows you to be sure about the person for the concerned job.

Now, the process of recruitment has changed entirely. Although it is based on the same phenomenon of interviews and CVs, new companies have emerged that do the hard work for you and get paid handsomely. The difficult task of recruiting any individual for a vacancy can be bypassed by hiring a recruitment firm to do the job for you.

All the requirements are provided to the recruitment company, and they find you the most suitable candidate for the job. The goal of a recruitment company is to provide a high job satisfaction rate to the employees and a high staff retention rate to the companies.


There are positive and negative aspects of every setup, but it requires strong willpower to face the music and come out with flying colors. Success is not easy to achieve but once achieved, it is more difficult to maintain. The significance of the following business can be observed from the points mentioned below,

  • Recruitment companies form a panel of professionals for the recruitment process, and they spare no one
  • Hiring recruitment companies for recruiting employees allow you to sit back and let the company hire the most suitable candidate for the job
  • In addition to providing a knowledgeable candidate with the right set of qualifications, recruitment companies also do a background check and perform the whole vetting procedure before appointing them for the job

Plan of Action

The whole process followed by recruitment companies may be different from other companies, but they all follow a similar protocol of interviewing and vetting the desired candidates. Their action plan may resemble the following,

Requirements: Interested companies provide information about their desired candidate, the set of skills they want for the job, experience, and attributes they require for the job. We strive to recruit for niche roles to provide high talent.

Sourcing: we source the candidates by using various strategies and platforms to expand our horizons and give chance to many individuals. The sources that are mostly used for sourcing include websites, social media, channels, newspapers, and others to ensure that the right people are aware of the job proposals.

Shortlisting: CVs of all applied candidates are reviewed by the recruitment panel and desired candidates are shortlisted. Shortlisted candidates are then called for interviews to see their experience, body language, confidence, and other attributes that are required for the job. We recruit individuals for the positions of manager, CEO, and director in companies, businesses, schools, institutions, and other sectors.

Background Check: All the final candidates undergo a thorough process of vetting through deep background checks of house, family, previous job experiences, friends, projects, and criminal records to ensure their clean record in personal and professional life.

Finalists: 2-5 finalists are selected after the complete process and a final interview session is conducted in the presence of the hiring company so that they are provided with the choice of more than one candidate and can make decisions easily.

Follow up: the success of every business lies in its process of providing service. After hiring the desired candidate, companies are contracted to do a follow-up of the candidate and know all the details about their job and their services. If the candidates are good and companies all praise them then the job is successfully completed.


Recruitment proposal template