Recruitment Proposal Templates

A recruitment proposal is a document prepared by a recruitment agency or company to offer its recruitment services to a client company. The proposal includes all the relevant details, such as the company’s services, strengths, skills, expertise, experience, etc.

Nowadays, many companies outsource their function of employee recruitment to other companies that specialize in this task. It gives them the benefits of saved time and better-hunted talent. These specialist recruitment companies, therefore, prepare a recruitment proposal to present it to the client companies and attract the clients to partner with them.

Different recruitment companies use different formats for preparing recruitment proposals. A company needs to consider the client company for which the proposal is being prepared and choose the format to include the details that would attract and convince the client companies to choose it over its competitors. However, the following basic information is usually included in all the proposals:

  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Services and offerings.
  • Strengths, skills, expertise, experience.
  • Competitive edge.
  • Partnership benefits.
  • A wide pool of candidates to choose from the best talent most suitable to the company needs and requirements that would be a fit for the client company’s vacant position.
  • Financials including all the details of costs.
  • Contractual terms and conditions.

The recruitment companies need to prepare their proposal with thoroughness and utilize the marketing and promotional aspect of it in the best manner possible. This proposal can decide the fate of the partnership between the recruitment company and the client company. Hence, the recruitment company should make it attractive and persuasive to make the deal probable.

Following are some of the things to be considered when preparing a recruitment proposal:

  • The proposal needs to be formal, professional and concise.
  • No misleading or incorrect information should be present.
  • The terms and conditions should not be harsh and should be feasible for both companies.
  • All the relevant details should be included.
  • The proposal should be modified based on the requirements of the client company it is being presented to. One proposal cannot be submitted to all the client companies as it needs to be altered to include the information that is required and would be attractive to a specific client.
  • Although the segregation of cost details is a recruitment company’s choice the segregations and details of costs demanded or required by the client company should be included in the proposal.

When a client company finds a proposal attractive and convincing enough, it accepts the proposal and forms a partnership with the recruitment company by signing a legally binding agreement to benefit from the alliance and get skilled workforce without hunting effort. However, if the client does not believe in the skills and expertise of the recruitment company to find them a good and talented human resource, it would reject the proposal. In this case, the recruitment company would approach another client with a modified or new proposal.

Sample Recruitment Proposal Template

[Correspondent. Business]

[Job Title]

[Sender. Email]


[Welcome Greetings] [Patron. Firm], It is a pleasure for us to have the chance of taking up a joint venture with your [Patron. Firm] hiring requirements. I am confident that our crew can look for the appropriate and right aptitude that could add stability and boom to the growth of your [Patron. Firm] while keeping intact the customs and code of conduct of an ideal organization.

The Recruitment proposal sketches our firm’s overview, aims and objectives, amenities offered and necessary rules that are to be followed to discipline the decorum and working methodology of the firm.

In case of queries, you can give me a call on the [mentioned number] or you can send an email to [provide email id]. You will be contacted soon with all the related answers.

Thanking you in advance.


[Correspondent – Business] is a leading and supreme organization where human capital and staffing arena are the most sought-after aspects, harnessed by the recruiters for a firm’s growth and stability. We assist other businesses in the hiring process for the senior level positions mainly in procurement, an end to end supply chain, technology, and innovation in operations.

Our management team collaborates with local as well as international clients and operate across the following domains:

  • Public Sector
  • Industrial
  • Technology and Professional services

Objectives and Goals:

To place the high caliber professionals at the right time is of paramount importance to our success rate. We often complement our core recruitment process with career advisory services as the cherry on top, to make your job search a bit easy and cater you with the insight and tips to find the right role for you in your desired company.

Core Services:

We are fully aware of the job hunting task that is tedious and can make you feel hopeless at times when you will not be getting what you desire according to the qualification you have. As a standard, we offer:

  • Your existing skill set is evaluated by our skilled and talented staff, that you have accomplished through an all-embracing aptitude-based consultation and an assessment of your work experience is being carried out as the foremost step.
  • You might get lucky when a swift judgment of how your expertise might be get noticed or come to the center of attention in the current job market that comprises of a recommendation letter duly stamped by any reference of yours that’s states your skills and experience level to be allied to the required vacancies or openings.
  • We put our focus in one to one discussion of your whereabouts, skills, and experience that might be applied to [Correspondent Business] current job openings and may get you an offer letter with a handsome pay package.
  • We duly carry out each step to ensure honesty and organization in our work and that’s what we believe is the way to win a client, by demonstrating your efforts through an honest approach. We prefer professional management of your resume through application process stage, till it is submitted to the client that too on time as we know the client’s situation of facing unemployment and rejections from every company mainly that is due to the lack of awareness. We commit one to one correspondence until our client gets happy on the flexible arrangement of interviews and the final offering through a formal offer letter.
  • An ongoing assurance to deliver you from top to toe quality package through frank and open communication once placed in your new role. Our success lies in your reliability and that’s what we count on.

Terms and Conditions:

[Correspondent-Business] manage all the revenue that is directly associated with applicant tracking, orientation checks, background checks, and publicity.

Likewise, a company somehow decides to reject a resource sourced by [Correspondent-Business] and thinks about hiring a new employee within [mentioned number of] months or years afterward. He will be taken as of a [Correspondent. Business] aspirant and [Consumer. Firm] recompenses the complete fee for the newbie.

[Correspondent-Business] professional payment is definite for [mention days]. It will be implied in the case when the aspirant willingly quits within that timeframe. [Correspondent. Business] is bound to pay [mention percentage] as a complimentary refund.

Final Verdict with stamp:

Sender Company Name [Write Name]

Sender Company Signature [Write Name]



Recruitment proposal template

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