Renovation Proposal Template

A renovation proposal is a proposal prepared by a company offering renovation services to a prospective client who is seeking such services. Renovation services are sought when a client wants to bring a change or maintain the already built premises, building, furniture, etc. The scope of the required innovation lays the basis of the scope of the offered services in the renovation proposal.

When designing a renovation proposal, some points need to be considered:

  • The company can promote itself through the proposal and woo the client to accept its proposal.
  • The company needs to contemplate the renovation requirements so as to prepare an effective proposal.
  • If the proposal is professionally and comprehensively developed, the chances of making a deal get higher.
  • The provided information should be sufficient, correct, and according to the requirements.
  • The cover page of the proposal should be attractive and interesting.

The renovation proposal can be designed by the company itself or it can use a template readily available online or in the programs, such as Microsoft Word. The templates save time and effort and are easily customizable based on the requirements and variations. The following details are included generally in all the renovation proposals:

  • Client details.
  • Executive summary or introduction.
  • Testimonials, if any.
  • Company profile.
  • Renovation details, offered services, add-on services, duration of the renovation, materials to be used, etc.
  • Limitations or contingencies.
  • Financials and costing.
  • Competitive edge and expertise.
  • Client persuasion.
  • Client benefits.
  • Terms and conditions.

Sample Proposal Template

Proposal Cover Letter

James Carmen
XYZ Company

Los Angeles, CA 22600

6th September 20XX

Dear Mr. Carmen,

I want to let you know how excited we are for this upcoming project of renovating your office space. The main idea is to remodel the space in such a way that more workspace can be added without making it look cluttered and chaotic, so it feels inviting and presentable for the clients as well as the staff. We’re confident that our experienced and qualified team will meet your needs. Please have a thorough look at the proposal and feel free to ask any questions. We look forward to working with XYZ Company.

Nancy Drew
Interior Designer

Renovation Proposal for XYZ Company office workspace

Company Introduction

ABC has created and renovated spectacular interiors in the United States for the past 2 decades. We are one of the leading interior design companies in the country, offering stylish design solutions to many organizations and brands. We provide a wide range of services in the public, commercial and residential sectors. We have evolved with time in a sustainable manner to deliver projects to our clients beyond expectations, by using the latest technologies and production techniques. We are committed to managing the available resources responsibly.

Our Projects

We build and remodel our projects with great passion and detail. Some of the projects we have designed and renovated are as follows:

ABC Bank

Luxurious condo renovation

Los Angeles office buildings, renovation

XYZ 5-star Hotel

And many clubs and restaurants.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

  • Space Analysis
  • Space planning
  • Construction on-site
  • Renovation
  • Custom designs
  • Homes Interior and Exterior designing
  • Office Interior designing
  • Hotels and Restaurant interior designing

Scope of work

This proposal is for renovating the workspace, on the 7th floor of XYZ Towers, for XYZ Company. Our company consists of a fully qualified and creative team to renovate and remodel an efficient and eye-pleasing workspace, which will take your business forward into the new era.

The scope of work includes the following:

  • An attractive Meeting Area
  • Addition of more desks for working
  • Floor repair
  • Windows re-installation
  • Repainting the whole area

Design Schedule

Our work team will comprise of 9 workers. 4 will do the remodeling and installation work, 4 will do the paint job and 1desgnier will supervise the project. They will remodel the space and improve the visual appearance which will maximize the operational efficiency of the business. We will involve your company throughout the designing process.

Planning: In this step, we will have a thorough discussion with you and your team and come up with sample remodel designs of the workspace, we will take your feedback and finalize a design. Our consulting team of architects and civil contractors will thoroughly evaluate the site and discuss the details regarding the location.

Time: 2-3 weeks

Designing: With the final agreed-upon design, we will start renovating the space, rebuild and install new stuff that would be needed.

Meeting Area: The ceiling of the meeting area is cracking so our first step will be to fix and repair it. Also, we will replace the squeaky chairs with comfortable pairs of single sofas. The room right now gives an impression of the 90s and we will bring it into this century through our creative remodeling. The design will be calming, welcoming, and serious.  We will go with the minimalist look and use modern artwork.

Work Desks Installation: We will add 8 white, 8 x 8 inches, L-shaped workstations with panels that will provide privacy to employees.

Floor repairs: The sagging wood floor panels will be replaced by a hardwood floor. We will repair the subfloor as well as the joists holding it up.

Windows Installation: We will leave the existing frames of windows and just change the sashes and glass. Our team will re-do the existing frames with wood screen masks.

Painting: The paint and repairing work will take 10-15 days. The whole process will consist of preparing, priming, and finishing the wall and ceiling surfaces.

Areas Paint Name
Walls Berger-beige
Ceilings Berger-white
Meeting room walls Berger- light gray
Windows Varnish-white


Time: 6-8 weeks

Procurement: We will place orders for the required furniture and decor items to be used in the space. After their installation, our interior designer will decorate the space.

Time: 1-2 weeks


The total property area is approximately 5000 square feet. The details of the cost are provided below:


Description Price
Consultation $3,000
Renovation Material $15,000
Labor $10,000
Furniture $10,000
Windows $5,000
Paint $10,000
Installation $3,000
Total $56,000
Subtotal after Tax (15%) $64,400



  • All workers and supervisors have insurance and are highly experienced.
  • All damages, cuts, openings, etc., made by employees of ABC will be repaired properly before handing over the property.
  • The work area will be cleaned and kept free of construction material on a daily basis.

Terms and Conditions

  • All purchases made will be first approved by your company.
  • The cost mentioned above is valid for the next 60 days.
  • A 20% non-refundable payment shall be made upon proposal acceptance.
  • 70% of the total payment must be made after the remodeling design has been finalized.
  • Our designs and drawings are and shall remain the property of ABC.
  • An additional charge will be added if changes are made to the scope of the renovation project.
  • Our designers reserve the right to take photographs of their renovated space.



Renovation Proposal Template

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