Residential Interior Design Proposal Letter

Dear [name], this letter has been drafted to put an interior design proposal on your desk and negotiate the possible outcomes that can benefit both parties.

On [date], I received an email from you asking for a proposal letter to introduce our budget-friendly package for a residence at [address] for complete interior design. Thus, this letter purports to clear all the ambiguities and put all the possible offers straightforwardly. This shall clear both of us in terms of concept, expenditure/cost, and a brief comparative idea of the prices.

We, [name the company], have been working in the field of interior design and architecture since 20XX. Since 20XX, we have always been one of the top interior designing companies in accommodative prices and quality assurance. We have one of the most creative and adroit artists and interior designers with sophisticated ideas at super affordable prices. We are working on the design of the furniture as well since 20XX.

For a house of [mention the specific details of area], we provide interior designing of different kinds including traditional with geometric designs of Greek-style, minimal designs of European decor, Turkish lining designs, and with Spanish sophistication.

We provide our services in wood paneling and antique decoration. We do creative experimentation to bring innovative patterns and symmetry to the interior of house decor. We provide designs that showcase the beauty of style manifesting contrasting colors considering their sharpness.

A time of two weeks is required for the interior design of the [TEXT] area house. This time can be reduced to one week by doubling the manpower for the work. Moreover, it would cost $[x] for the minimal interior design of a condominium or open area house. We assure the credibility of the material and quality of the designs in their uniqueness and production.

We are open to suggestions and opinions if you have any. Moreover, if you want to proceed with the project, please let us know so that we can draft a full-length proposal for this. You can contact us at [email] or [phone]. Thanks for choosing [name the company].


Residential interior design proposal letter


Re. Interior Designing Proposal Letter

This letter has been penned on behalf of [company name] to introduce the proposal for the interior design project for a set of five condominiums. According to the email received on [date], the condominiums are in the [name of the building] and have completed their mortgage. There is no liability on the condominiums anymore.

We have been serving in the field of creative ideas presentation and interior designing since 20XX. The company is renowned for its non-American non-traditional designs with Spanish manifestation and elegance in their designs. We also work in minimal designs with simplistic ideas on the client’s demand.

For a mentioned area (email attached), it will cost $[x] that can be paid in two installments within the preparation and working time. A clear draft shall be handed over to the company at the end of the work manifesting a no-liability contract.

We shall provide free home services in case of any damage to the wallpaper, flooring, wall paneling, ceiling, or other such designs for one year.

A warranty card with complete details shall be given to the client valid for one year. A full-length proposal shall be drafted after the final project meeting.

We provide enough workforce to complete the project in the given time. No more extension in the work shall be taken liable to certain conditions like Covid, lockdown, or other such unavoidable events.

Our contact details have been mentioned with the proforma attached. Do not hesitate to ask for anything. Thank you.

Residential interior design proposal letter