Response to Request for Proposal of Legal Services

Dear [NAME], this letter aims to respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) and confirm the request is accepted. We take pride in acknowledging that we have been immensely pleased to find your request in the draft for the proposal for legal services. I am writing to confirm that our law firm has decided to draft the proposal for you and submit it before the given deadline.

Our law firm is one of the most popular legal services available in the town. As our working schedule makes us stand out in the field. We have a team of [X] people who work from dawn to dusk and with great integrity to satisfy the clients. We have content producers, communication experts, attorneys, and legal practitioners along with helping staff members that include an assistant, a case manager, and typewriters.

We have a team that believes in hard work and realizes the importance of client relations. We also have a marketing team to add value who work remotely most on the given projects and cases. We bring our cases and other legal matters open to the public to ensure transparency and public trust. We aim to help people around by assuring them honest and just trials.


We also provide 24/7 communication services that facilitate our clients at different timings to ensure the availability

We confirm the proposal request acceptance and aim to submit the proposal before the deadline. We have a few points of reservation that can be negotiated as said in your email. Please schedule a meeting with our attorney to discuss this further.

Moreover, provide enough details of your workforce structure to inculcate data in the proposal. You can contact us by writing to us at [EMAIL].

You can also call our helpline number in an emergency at [NUMBER]. Thank you for considering our services reliable and worthy. We assure you of the best services. Thank you.


I am writing to submit my response to the request for proposal with respect to the subject mentioned above. I am here to confirm that the request has been received and that we have gone through your requirements thoroughly. Our team is further working on the scrutinization of the asked requirement.

We understand all the terms and conditions mentioned in the request letter and are ready to comply with them.

Moreover, the letter has not mentioned a few points, thus, we are muddled at some points. Therefore, we need to get responses to the queries.

The request letter has been studied, and we have concluded to submit the proposal for the legal services complying with all the terms and conditions.

Our organization consists of seven legal team members that include five attorneys and two advocates who work as legal assistant practitioners. We also have a team in which a client coordinator takes notice of our clients, gets their queries, and answers them on priority, a communication expert who works in the external communication with the other firms and corporate organizations, and three helping staff members who work in drafting, mailing, delivery, and maintenance of the firm.

Having a strong team makes me confident enough to take up your project/case and provide legal services. We have experts in different fields of law and have strong public relations to cater to business issues.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide the said proposal by the deadline. We request you to extend the deadline by a week as our team is working on three other projects and with a foreign client from [COUNTRY]. I hope that this extension in the deadline will not cause any inconvenience.

Please let us know if you have any further queries. I thank you again for choosing our services. Please submit your response through email at [EMAIL] where our client coordinator will further guide you. Thank you.

Response to Request for Proposal of Legal Services