Sample Investment Proposal Template

What is an investment proposal?

The investment proposal is used by businessmen and financial advisors in order to offer their services to their potential clients. Presentations of the portfolio and different types of investment plans are represented through an investment portfolio.

An investment proposal is designed by an organization and a company interested to motivate prospective investors to have a strong business relationship with the corporation. The proposal has great importance; therefore, it should contain all important details while highlighting the mutual benefits for the investors and the investing company in a convincing manner.

The proposal should outline all important details to reveal the value and the worth of the project. A well-written investment proposal will help you to get the right investor.


What are the benefits of using proposals?

  1. These proposals are basically very effective in explaining the objectives of the financial advisor to his clients.
  2. If you have your own successful financial strategies, you can share them with your clients.
  3. The template contains readymade investment strategies and proposals which the user can customize according to his needs.
  4. These readymade investment strategies are useful for those people who don’t know how to write their business strategies
  5. There are different sections in the investment proposal template where the details about the fee, income and asset location can be written.
  6. The template is completely customizable that allows the user to add the details in it. If there is any section missing in the template, the user can add it to the template to make it more appropriate to be used.
  7. The template also allows the user to change the design of the proposal such as editing the background image, copying the text, changing the format of the document and a lot more.

It becomes tough when you have a lot of proposals to manage. In such a situation, the template for an investment proposal helps you. These templates allow the user to decide what to add in it later. If there is a strategy which is successful, the user can enter that into the investment proposal template.

The investment proposal templates are intended to make the proposal of the user attractive to clients. The success of the proposal depends on how effective you have written the proposal. If you don’t know how to write a successful proposal, the investment proposal template is the best choice for you.

Even if you want to design the proposal yourself, you can get the idea about the format and structure of the proposal with the help of a template.

Sample Proposal

  1. Introduction: ‘who you are’,

[Name of organization] is a business set up that was started in [Year]. Initially, the scale of the business was small enough to be operated from [for example, the kitchen. Customized cakes were made from scratch on the request of neighbors and close friends]. From there on, the news of our products/services started spreading. In the next [Number] years our business developed into a small bakery with a well-maintained reputation. Now, [Number] years later, [Name of organization] has managed to open up more branches across the country.

  1. Business Performance and Financial Report

As mentioned before, over the past few years, our business has, successfully, been able to grow enough to develop more branches. [Provide records of previous business performance]. With the initial investors only being the owners, the business has come a long way. The first annual turnover rate was [Details of annual turnover rate, for example, a profit of 6% was made on the invested amount]. This was when the business was only being operated from home space. After officially establishing the business [Records of the financial report of recent years].

  1. Planned Marketing and Sales Method

The biggest method of marketing our product/service has been done through online portals. When [Name of business] was first established, the use of internet and technology was not very common. Therefore, newspaper advertisements, and pamphlets were used to create awareness for the business. However, in recent years, our advertisements have taken the form of digital promotions. [Name of Business] uses social platforms to communicate and relay all types of information related to our business to our customer base.

In addition, a website for our business was launched, []. This platform allows our customers to browse through the products and services provided by our business. The customers can also make online purchases through our website. This online selling feature has helped increase our customer base to foreign markets.

  1. Business Technical Operations Management

Due to the nature of work, [Name of Business] requires only a few employees per branch. [For example, for a bakery a cashier, a salesperson and 2-3 bakers are required, depending on the scale of the business].

Furthermore, in order to maintain an efficient delivery system, we have been working on a contract base with [Name of Delivery Service]. The raw materials for our products are bought from in batches [For example, wholesale market]. [Name of Business] has been working in association with different sponsors. [For example, for a bakery, contracts for wet ingredients have been created with local dairy products developer].

Moreover, the equipment used to produce our products requires maintenance every two to three months. This schedule for maintenance check is to ensure, that the equipment does not cause problems mid-operation. If that were the case, back up equipment can be rented for the time it takes to fix the original machinery.

  1. Project Financing and Timetable

The funds for the business are sourced through our current investors. In addition, almost 4% of the profits made from the sale of our products/services are invested back into the business.

The aim of this investment proposal is to be able to develop and present more products that will appeal to the customer base. Through this extension of the product line, [Name of Business] will be able to cover a larger group of the audience present in the market.

According to the calculated timeline, the new products are expected to be released by the end of this year, [Year]. In accordance with the expected market trends, the new products will generate more sales and the overall profits should see an increase of 14% by the mid of next year, [Year].

  1. Exit Plan

The business plan has been carefully planned after taking into consideration, the previous, current and expected future market trends. However, in case the new extension did not meet the expected results an exit plan has been formulated to compensate our investors. As [Name of Business] owns several branches across the country, the business is willing to reduce their number of branches in order to pay back the investors their initial invested amount with a 1% interest.


Investment proposal template

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