Sample Thesis Proposal Template

A thesis proposal is written to outline the research requirements for the thesis or dissertation. It is just like an architectural blueprint that helps you to build a house. A clear plan is always required for the successful completion of the thesis. It should be well approved by your adviser or the in-charge of the dissertation committee. It will increase your chances of acceptance of the final paper. It serves as a personal contract between the committee and the candidate.

The thesis proposal should include the following important parts:

  • Problem, hypothesis, and question
  • Importance of research
  • Important prior research
  • Probable research approach, or methodology
  • Potential outcomes of the research

A thesis is the most important aim and target of the academic career. Most degree programs are incomplete without submitting a relevant thesis for the completion of the course.

The thesis proposal is the first impression of what path is taken for the topic of the thesis report. This impression should be professional, comprehended, and precise. The main purpose of writing the thesis proposal is to demonstrate that the topic was chosen is of worth, the method and plan for the collection of information are authentic and problem-solving and the conclusion will be based on the data set derived from specified data analysis techniques.

How can the thesis proposal template be used?

Without the submission of a thesis or dissertation, it is almost impossible to complete your doctoral degree program. A thesis proposal is an important part of the dissertation or thesis because every student is required to submit a summary of the thesis.

The proposal should be prepared in two formats, including a format and a seminar. Both formats are reviewed by the members of the committee to analyze the accuracy of the subject of study and determine the appropriate topic according to the course of study. The satisfaction of the committee is important, because if they could not get satisfied with your thesis proposal then you will not be able to start the thesis.

There is a professional layout for writing a thesis proposal and that is called the thesis proposal template. The template has all the needed elements to give a detailed purpose, approach, and work plan of the thesis. The template can be altered and adjusted to the niche of the project. The template lets you define the milestones set for the thesis with the proper timeline required.

It is very important that the proposal is filled responsibly and honestly as this will document that will be guiding the boundaries of the thesis report. Writing a thesis is a very technical way of writing and the thesis proposal template can guide you through the process. A thesis proposal is a practical approach to the topic you want your thesis to be about and a proposal guides you to explain that in a very technical and professional manner.

You can get help from the thesis proposal template to design a perfect proposal to satisfy the members of the committee.

Sample Proposal


[A brief summary of what has been written in the proposal]. The topic of the proposal is [Topic], and the aim is to discuss the issues regarding [Topic]. Furthermore, this thesis will discuss and analyze the details of the research methods used to collect the data, the limitations, and how this knowledge is being utilized in our daily life.


The topic of this thesis has previously been discussed by many researchers. These researchers include some of the most famous names such as [Names of researchers]. The studies of these researchers have brought forward many of the underlying causes that have molded together to give [Topic Name] such importance in the [Field Name] history.

Due to the technicalities of [Topic Name], it is widely famous as the subject of many research studies. This is because every new viewpoint can help create new discoveries. Therefore, further studies are required on the topic, in order to overcome the issue.

Existing Knowledge/Significant Prior Research

[Using specific prior research that directly links to the thesis]. According to the researcher [Name of Researcher], [Topic] was the result of [Research description]. However (Moreover), [Depends on whether the research is being challenged or if the research is being looked at from another point of view].

Thesis or Project Statement

The question being asked is [The question the research is based on]. In order to completely understand and analyze, the research shows [Describe the Argument/Investigation of the topic]. 


[Depends if the Topic is related to science]

  1. Methods

Many research methods were used to delve deep into the roots of [Topic Name]. Some of the research methods with the most significant findings. [Detailed description of research methods].

  • [Research method – Description of method]
  • [Research Method – Description of Method]
  • [Research Method – Description of Method]
  1. Bibliography of Sources

[Add references using the same citation style as the dissertation or presentation].

  • Implications of Research

[How this research will help add to the existing knowledge of Topic]. The result of this dissertation/presentation has brought up many new sides of the topic. Due to the nature of the topic, points keep arising that cause the broadening of the subject.

Potential Outcomes/Limitations

The previous and new studies have determined that [Outcomes of the research studies].

Contributions to Knowledge

This research has helped tie loose ends much of the prior ideas regarding [Topic]. The new viewpoints also help link the common issues between [Topic] and the [Similar Topics].

Proposed Dissertation Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. [Title of Chapter]
  3. [Title of Chapter]
  4. [Title of Chapter]
  5. Conclusion


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