School Bus Transportation Proposal

Many schools need a proper and reliable transportation service for students that can provide a timely and regular pick and drop service. For this purpose, the schools encourage and invite the transportation companies to submit their school bus transportation proposal to the school. This proposal is also written sometimes by the students of the school when they ask the head of the school to arrange the transportation service for them.

What is a school bus transportation proposal?

The school bus transportation proposal is a type of document in which students or guardians of the students suggest the management of the school arrange transportation services for the students. Or, this is a document which is prepared by the transportation company for the school management offering transportation proposal for the school kids.

What is the purpose of writing the transportation proposal?

Proposals are meant to be written for making it possible for the recipient to consider the suggestion that has been given in the proposal. The recipient of the proposal can accept the proposal or reject it on the basis of his own priorities.


Every school receives a series of proposals from different sectors of society. The schools often encourage people to write the proposal. If the proposal is found to be effective for the school, the school can accept it.

In this proposal, the school is informed about all the problems the students are facing due to the lack of transportation service. The proposal should be written in such a way that it can convince the school to start the transportation service for the students. It should cover all the main components of the proposal.

Sample Proposal Template

To: ABC School, California, CA

From: XYZ
Transportation Contractor
California, CA

5th September 20XX


XYZ is a public transportation company established in 1990. We provide transportation services such as Buses, Limousines, Educational Transportation, Trains, and Subways. XYZ provides the ultimate ride experience with bigger and comfortable seats. Our motto is to provide safe and dependable services. We treat our customers with respect and friendliness. Our services maintain certain standards and we continue to upgrade our network for our travelers.

XYZ Company Services

XYZ has access to all the destinations and locations in the California region. We offer a variety of transportation options such as

  • School Transportation
  • Shuttle Transportation
  • VIP Services
  • Limo Services
  • Chartered Transportation


XYZ will provide ABC school full-service Student Transportation, which is highly reliable, secure, on-time, and safe. Our fleet consists of more than 30 buses. We are currently providing transportation services to 5 schools and 3 universities in California. Our educational Transportation Services include vans and buses for schools and universities. Each bus is driven by a trained driver and consists of a helper to help the students on the bus. We provide different school buses, depending on the number of seats required, such as Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Activity Bus (white), and school vans. The seating capacity ranges from 14 passengers to 50 passengers.


We propose a contract of 1 year for providing transportation services to ABC school. We will provide the following services:

  • Our buses will pick/drop each student from their residential areas to/from school.
  • There will be a time schedule provided to each student.
  • Each student will be seated at an individual assigned a seat.
  • The transportation service will be provided to all grade students, from kindergarten through grade 8.
  • Students will be provided with comfortable footrests in front of each seat. Moreover, our buses consist of extra leg space, along with School Bag storage space underneath the seats.

Bus Tracking System

All buses are equipped with a live bus tracking system. Through this service, ABC school authorities and parents/guardians will be able to track the bus just by installing an APP on their mobiles and tablets. Parents/guardians will be able to receive notifications such as when the bus is close by.


For XYZ, security is very important and for this reason, our staff is highly trained and they go through a tough screening process. All the background checks and license checks are done before hiring. Each employee attends an inspection and instruction course before starting their job with XYZ. We also do random drug tests of our employees, to be extra conscious.


Proposal Acceptance

Once ABC School accepts our proposal, our manager and planning team will have a detailed discussion with the school authorities. They will visit the site and review the routes.

Signing Contract

After finalizing the budget and plan, both parties will sign a contract. All the terms and conditions will be put forward and an agreement shall be reached.

Routes and Schedules

Our staff will collect the student data from ABC authorities, needed for preparing the routes for drop-offs and pickups. Then our team will design an efficient and convenient schedule and test-run it to check its effectiveness.

Staff Clearance

After the finalization of the number of buses and drivers, the school can have a meeting with the drivers and helpers and conduct an interview if required. They can keep a copy of their Licenses and Identities.

Report Submission

Once the routes are finalized, a final schedule plan will be submitted to the ABC authorities to be distributed among the students and parents. A list of names and the exact number of students on each bus will be provided. Also, a mileage report for each bus route will be provided on a timely basis.


ABC School shall make an advance payment at the start of each term.


The details of our vehicles are provided below:

Type Seat capacity 5-hour cost Additional hour cost Full-day cost
Yellow School Bus (type A, B) Max 40 $200 $30 $500
Yellow School Bus (type C, D) Max 50 $250 $35 $550
White Bus Max 60 $300 $40 $600
Mini Van Max 25 $100 $20 $300



During the contract term, our company will provide commercial insurance for all the vehicles.

Driver’s and Helper’s Compensation

Our company shall provide and maintain our employee compensation insurance in accordance with California laws. The minimum limit of liability coverage will be $1,500,000, covering our employees engaged in any school transportation-related work.

Commercial General Liability

During the contract term, comprehensive general liability insurance will be provided and maintained. This insurance will protect our company and the Department of Transportation from claims for accidental death, injury, or property damages that may arise.


Automobile Liability Insurance will also be provided which will include liability coverage, covering all company-owned vehicles.


  • If XYZ vehicles meet an accident or are behind schedule, ABC authorities will be notified immediately. Also, replacement vehicles will be arranged instantly so the students can reach their destination without any inconvenience.

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