School Event Proposal Letter

What is a school event proposal letter?

When it comes to organizing events in educational institutes, the principals and other stakeholders of the school are very rigid. They have to do a thorough screening of the event request and see how it will benefit the students. If they learn that the proposal has something really good to offer, they accept the offer. Therefore, in this proposal letter, you have to tell the reader that you want to conduct an event and why you want to do it.

What is the purpose of the school event proposal letter?

The basic objective of this letter is to get the opportunity for holding an event in the school. Conducting a program in a school brings many benefits to the business. Some businesses hold the program because they want to give exposure to people of their business. Some coaching and training services are also provided and events are held to communicate those services.

How to write a proposal letter?

When you want to persuade the management of the school for accepting what you are offering, you should be able to make sure that you have composed a perfect proposal letter. Follow the tips given below:


Describe the value you will add to the school:

A school owner or principal generally has to see lots of factors before he allows anyone to organize an event. Therefore, when you propose an event, you should be able to describe to the reader how you will add value to the school. Some events are very useful for the reputation of the school and they promote the institute as a prestigious institute. Therefore, you should also mention this.

Describe why you want to organize the event:

Remember to come forward with your interest expression so that the reader can know your motive for writing this proposal. Make sure that your proposal is productive and you feel no hesitation sharing your objective with the reader.

Enlist the key activities of the event:

If there are a number of things to do at the event, you should name them one by one. In addition, give specifics of the event such as duration, theme, chief guest, and purpose of the program.

Describe benefits for the school:

Some schools also see their benefits in monetary terms. If you are holding the program to make money out of it, describe to the reader how much you are expecting to earn and what share you are planning to give to the school. For instance, if the goal of the event is to solicit funds for an NGO, you can specify that your business will pay the school for providing the platform to reach out to people, particularly children.

Sample letter:


Mention the name of the recipient

Name of the school

Subject: Proposal Letter for a school event

Dear Sir/Madam,

ABC Company is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of kids. We are very proud to have been serving the mankind for many years. Recently, we have started a new project in which, we have decided to create awareness among school-going students. We would like to take their contributions to less privileged kids. This way, students will be able to develop empathy for others in their hearts.

We have chosen your school for this purpose because we believe that your school has a good reputation in the area and people are likely to contribute to a good cause. We have decided to pay the school for this event. Negotiation will be done if you convene a meeting with us.

We would like to conduct a program in your school in which, different students from your school will perform. Different educational tableaus and dance performances for entertainment will be performed by students. As a result, the confidence in the students will also be boosted.

We will be very happy if you consider our offer and show your willingness to work with us. I am looking forward to your response.


Name of the sender

School Event Proposal Letter Template

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