Security Services Proposal

A security services proposal is a document that is prepared by a security services company to offer it as a proposal to the client company, seeking a security service. Security is a critical issue and hence, the client companies often want to hire the expert security companies for the security provision at their working vicinity.

When a company is preparing the security services proposal, it should use it to promote itself so that it can woo the client company to accept its proposal. As this proposal is like a marketing instrument, it signifies its importance and that is why it should be prepared carefully, while considering the following points:

  • The proposal should be comprehensive, professional and formal.
  • The probability of a successful proposal is highly dependent on its persuasiveness.
  • The benefits of secure environment that can be enjoyed with the contract should be emphasized.
  • The cover page, usually the first thing to be glanced at, should be attractive enough with all the relevant details so that, it would convince the client to go through the whole document as well.
  • The terms and conditions need to be practical and the details of provided services should be clearly stated to avoid any confusions in the future.

When a security services company is preparing a proposal for the client, it can design the document from scratch or use any of the available ready-made templates. If the company opts for the second option, it can simply download the template and customise it on the basis of its requirements. In addition, the pre-designed templates save time and effort of the company as well.


After the designing part, the details that need to be included are to be selected by the company. This is dependent on what the company perceives are the important and attractive details as well as what the client is demanding to know. As these two factors may vary from client to client, it suggests that a different proposal would be prepared for every different client. However, the general details in all the proposals are usually the same, which are:

  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Contract details, such as the security services, employed software and other technologies, duration, etc.
  • Benefits to the client, especially in terms of high security.
  • Competitive edge of the company.
  • Costs and charges.
  • Persuasive and convincing statements.
  • Terms and conditions.

When the client goes through the proposal, it may accept or reject it. If it feels that the security environment would improve at a feasible cost, it would accept the proposal and make the deal to enjoy the security services of the selected company.

However, if the client does not deem the proposal to be practical, it would reject the proposal, wasting the time and money of the company. In addition, the company may have to seek other clients to provide their services to. At one time, a company may serve several clients.

Sample Proposal Template

Executive Summary

This proposal contains the summary of the security services provided by [Name of Service providing Company].  Our highly professional team comprises watchmen, security guards, and patrol and property inspectors. We provide protection against theft, vandalism, fire and illegal activities. We also provide a flexible and comprehensive insurance plan for all these risks across the USA.


[Name of Service providing Company] is a renowned security solution providing company. We are committed to providing best services to our customers. We are a licensed and insured private security company with over 2 decades of experience. We provide armed and unarmed officers, fully trained with expert capabilities to handle any situation. Our team is highly professional and proactive, which allows our clients to trust and depend on us completely.

Services Offered

The services are custom-made according to the customer’s business and security needs. Following are the services we offer:

  • Executive protection: Protection Agent for the physical protection and security of a high profile client.
  • Uniformed security: Fully scrutinized and trained professional Security Officers.
  • Special Events Security: Event security services for corporate events, parades, product launches, movie premiers, and more.
  • Patrol division: A secure patrolling service operating 24/7, which includes:
  • Vehicle Patrol–Visible rounds in our marked cars
  • Foot Patrol–constantly checking the areas
  • Bicycle Patrol–Riding the areas difficult to access with vehicles
  • Alarm Response: Quick response on alarm activation with top priority.

Our security guards write comprehensive reports, during their assigned shifts, which shows all the observations and activity logs. These reports are further reviewed by the supervisors.

Related licenses

Our company has all the required licenses such as General business license, Security Service license, Security officer license for each individual, Service vendor’s license and firearm license. [List of other related licenses].

Project Schedule/Timeline

Upon acceptance of this proposal, we start the process of implementing the Security project which takes approximately 4 weeks.

Week 1: Site survey [Details]

Week 2: Analysis [Details]

Week 3: Contract [Details]

Week 4: Training and Implementation [Details]


With [Name of Service providing Company], you can significantly reduce your liability with our extensive Insurance policy of [$amount]. In order to protect our assets and [Name of the client Company]’s assets, we must maintain financial security at this level.


The hourly rate of the provided service depends on the level of experience. An unarmed guard rate is lower than an insured, licensed guard. Here are average hourly rates for security guards:

Description Amount (USD) / hour
Unarmed guard $ [amount]
Armed guard $ [amount]
Unarmed Mobile Patrol Officer $ [amount]
Armed Mobile Patrol Officer $ [amount]
Daily vehicle cost $ [amount]

The basic Set-up per site costs approximately $ [amount].


We suggest you go through the proposal thoroughly. If you have any doubts, requests or queries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We look forward to discussing your project in more detail.

Respectfully submitted,

[Name of Representative]


[Name of Service providing Company]


[E-mail address]




[Name of Representative]

[Name of Client Company]





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