Skill Development Proposal Letter

Re. Launching Program for the Skill Development Proposal

Dear [NAME], this letter has been penned down to propose you contribute and be part of a program that is going to be launched on [DATE]. On the said date, we are planning to launch a program that is related to the skill development of the workforce working in the Department of Project Management, Planning and Development, Information Scrutiny, Research Team, and Content Writers. This program of skill development will ensure the inculcation of efficient and technical agents of working and contributing to a better future.

Skill Development is one of the things that need proper perpetuation and continued training sessions with intervals. We plan to launch this program solely to yield more benefits and better results through the skill development of the available workforce. Instead of recruiting new employees every month, and then working on their adjustment to the new working environment, it is better to train and develop the skills of already available manpower.


Skill development is a task that can be done with proper training sessions and examining each employee at an individual level, and then finding out the appropriate forte of work for them. It will provide a chance to rephrase all the workforce and settle them according to their skillset. It will make them groomed and progress in their future endeavors and personal growth.

It will potentially look into their skills, develop and polish them, and settle them on the corporation accordingly.

A budget of $[X] shall be required for the program launch and its successful completion. An estimation of $[X] will be required for the marketing and advertising of the program, which means fundraising of $[X] shall be required. We want to work on this program in coordination with [COMPANY NAME-I] and [COMPANY NAME-II]. It will divide the burden and funds shall be equally distributed.

The program is highly efficient and needs extensive attention. Please look into the spreadsheet attached for further ideas about the program.

Please respond to us at [EMAIL] at your earliest. Also, let us know if you are available for a meeting in person. Thank you.

Skill development proposal letter

Letter -2

Re. Skill development Workshop Proposal

Dear [NAME],

As you know our company works in the expertise of communication and development, providing human resource management, recruitment services, and outsourcing skill-based workforce.

We propose to initiate a workshop and provide outsourcing for the skill development. It can be in the shape of workshops, seminars, and training sessions. It will help enhance the working capacity of the workers and employees in specific fields. Moreover, they will be given individual consultation and different group command tasks shall be assigned to develop and polish their skills.

It will increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees. The increased productivity will ultimately impact the company’s working capacity by working on the business analytics, communication skills development, and personal growth of the employees with the help of several techniques and instruments.

The objective of this project is to increase the potential and productivity of the employees by working on their skills. This project will benefit both companies by increasing their working potential.

This skills development program has the potential of increasing the work benefits by 30% approximately with the already available workforce. This project requires a budget of $[X] to $[X]. If you like to propagate with the proposal, please send a confirmation email. The proposed plan can be discussed further if you want to proceed with the business proposal.

Moreover, the plan has the potential to be amended and adjusted according to your requirements after further recommendations. We are looking forward to scheduling a meeting with you and your team on the proposed plan. Please let us know about your earliest availability. Thank you.

Skill development proposal letter