Social Media Marketing Proposal Letter

A Marketing Proposal Letter is a written document that is submitted to potential client companies, by a business company or an individual. The submitting business company can be a brand new business venture or an already established one. The Business Proposal consists of all the details about the strategies, ideas, and costs related to the project being submitted, whereas the purpose of the letter is to advertise the project.

In today’s saturated and competitive market, the letter must be convincing and well-written, in order to catch the attention of the customers. For the letter to be more relatable and substantial, business research must be carried out to understand the client’s needs, before writing the marketing proposal letter.

The letter must be brief and clear. The following points must be kept in mind while writing the Marketing proposal letter:

  1. Introduction to the Company: The letter should contain an introduction to the business company in a way that sounds appealing to the client company.
  2. Explain the Purpose of the Letter: Mention the benefits that the client company may get if they decide to go with your marketing proposal. This may be some kind of compensation in the form of cost or a lucrative deal.
  3. Make it Client Oriented: The letter must be convincing enough for the client to think that your company is the only company that fully understands the client company’s needs and are capable to handle them appropriately.
  4. Know the Company’s Goals: For the letter to be more accurate, it is important to understand what the objectives of the clients are.
  5. Mention Objectives: It should mention the objectives that the company is trying to achieve by offering the proposal.
  6. Stand-out from the Competition: It must be kept in mind that the rival competitive companies might also be submitting marketing proposals to the same client company and to make your company stand out, you need to offer them a profitable and attractive deal.

Format of the letter

The letter must be written using the appropriate format. It is usually not written in a formal manner, but rather in a little friendly manner.

  • Subject: The subject is the part of the letter which highlights the core intention of the writer
  • Contact information: It includes information about the writer
  • Date: Usually it is the day when the letter is intended to be delivered
  • Client Information: It includes the information to whom the letter is written to
  • Business Introduction: It is optional if you want to add an introduction to your business. You may find it necessary if you are writing this letter for the very first time to someone
  • Benefits: Write about how this marketing campaign will help the client
  • Briefly explain the approach of the campaign mentioned in the proposal
  • Mention competitive/lucrative offer: This may be in the form of a discount or a contract signing promotion if they decide to take you on-board
  • Do not go into too many details, keep it brief and to the point
  • Complimentary closing: Regards, Sincerely, Respectfully
  • Signature

Marketing Proposal Letter

Subject: XYZ Social Media Marketing Proposal

Social Media Marketing is nowadays one of the most powerful ways for businesses to reach their target customers. Users interact with the brands daily through social media, which can help increase Company’s website traffic, raise brand awareness, and increase communication and interaction with the audience.

Our company is a Social Media Marketing & Management Agency and we have been in this business since 20XX. Our team of creative professionals uses the following strategies to boost businesses through social media:

  • Create engaging content on social media pages
  • Post and manage company-related updates on the websites
  • Integrate social media activities with the company’s existing marketing strategies.

Our company is known for its extraordinary services at reasonable prices. We want you to take a look at our proposal and let us know if you have any queries. If you agree to sign a contract with us this week, we will be offering you a 10% discount on our services.

Thank you for your consideration.


Social Media Marketing Proposal Letter
Social Media Marketing Proposal Letter Template