Software Development Proposal Template

What is software development proposal?

It is a type of proposal prepared by the software developers who want their clients to know about the developing services they provide. The basic objective of using the software development proposal is to convey the message of the software developer to those who want to get software. In order to make the purpose of communication fulfilled, keep the proposal simple and easy to understand.

What are the benefits of the proposal?

The key benefits that can be availed by making use of software development proposal are:

  1. If you have a software development company, you can use the proposal not only to offer your services but also to introduce your clients to your company. Moreover, a proposal is a great way to communicate your company’s expertise in the field of software development.
  2. The proposal enables the person to describe the process in which the software of clients is prepared. Your clients may have many misunderstandings about the process used by your company in many software. You can use the proposal to clear those misunderstandings.
  3. The software development proposal is an effective document that defines the deliverables of the company in an effective manner.
  4. The software developer can also easily tell the cost and the fee of software development by the use of proposal.

How to write a good proposal?

The proposal should always be to the point and brief. The proposal only provides very basic information about the company presenting it. If the client accepts the proposal, he will ask the company to some samples where the client can be a little comprehensive in terms of showing and explaining the previous work. The proposal should not be lengthy.


However, it should contain the details needed by your clients make the decision of accepting or rejecting the proposal.

  1. The proposal should be started with the title of the project. After the title, including the table of contents. The table of contents include all the major sections of the proposal. Moreover, it makes it easier for your client to read the proposal.
  2. Next part of the proposal should be the section of an executive summary. In this section, the entire proposal is summarized. People can read the summary in order to get a quick idea about the proposal.
  3. The changes that will be brought in the project later can be mentioned in the proposal. Also, mention the name of a person who is authorized to bring changes in software development.
  4. Mention the complete timeline of the project you want to work on. The starting and ending date of software development should be stated. Also, tell the reader the end product will be delivered to him.
  5. Write the names of all the people who will be working on the project. This introduces your software development team to your clients. Also, give their contact details so that the client can contact them for further inquiries.


Sample proposal


XYZ Software Solutions
48120 Washington Ave.
Seattle, Washington

March 6, 2019

Dear Ms. Douglas,

We would like to thank you for your time yesterday and sharing with us your software requirements for the restaurant. We have put together a Software proposal for your approval. Please feel free to ask any questions.


XYZ is an IT company which develops Software solutions. We have been providing software solutions for the past 10 years to multiple business sectors. Our company is based in the USA, but our services are provided worldwide. Our approach is to capture our client’s business requirements and develop various customized software to meet their business needs.

Proposal for ABC Restaurant


ABC restaurant’s sales are growing at a fast rate and to keep pace, it becomes extremely challenging to maintain the records of sales, inventory and taxes manually. XYZ Software will provide you an automated system which will calculate the numbers on a real time basis for your company.


Restaurant management is undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming businesses which involve a lot of processes that if done correctly, would ensure the smooth and profitable running of the business. We provide software solutions to help the restaurant owners, through automated tools, to run the business smoothly. This takes a lot of the burden off the management and provides better sales and good customer service.

Technical Requirements

  • Operating system: Minimum Window XP
  • Language: Java
  • The system will use HTTPS


The project will take approximately 10 weeks from the date of confirmation

The timeline and process steps are listed below:

First Step: week 1

Data Analysis

We already have the overall requirements, only an in-depth analysis needs to be done.

Second Step: week 2


The visual screens will be shown just to give an idea about the flow of the data.

Third Step: week 3-7


This is the point at which the coding will be done and this takes the longest of all the steps.

Fourth Step: week 8


We will send people over to train the staff who will be using the software.

Fifth Step: week 9


In this week we will activate the system and re-train the staff, if needed.

Sixth Step: week 10


We will check if there are any bugs that need to be fixed and if any changes are to be made.


Upon signing the proposal, 30% of the total payment must be deposited.




Contact us

You can contact us in any of the following ways:


Phone: 04554-34343333

E-mail: [Sample Email]

Fax: 454545544

Website: [The Website]


We look forward to hearing from you.


XYZ Software Solution


Software development proposal template

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