Software Project Proposal Document Template

Cover Letter

It is humbly stated that I have been working at XYZ company for 4 years. It is basically a software house that designs and develops software for its clients. They provide exceptional service and have a diversity of clients due to their professionalism and service.

After my graduation, I joined the company as an intern and worked passionately to secure a job at such a reputable firm. It was a dream to get the job and work for numerous clients as it enhances your experience and allows you to expand your horizon and learn the pros and cons of your field.

Almost every business or multinational requires the assistance of software houses for developing their software regarding their product to assist their consumers and meet their requirements.

Software creation is not an easy task and requires a lot of precision and can take months for development and testing. I have served the firm right and managed to make connections with overseas clients as the diversity allows you to understand the requirements of different consumers and allow you to develop the best product.

After all the hard work of getting a degree and gaining experience, I have decided to start my own business in software creation and deployment. I always wanted to start my own venture, but lack of fieldwork stopped me now I feel I am equipped with essential tools and take on this task. I have already devised a proposal for my venture and seek your approval regarding this matter. Kindly consider my request a priority.


Software is defined as the set of instructions or data that assist a computer in its functioning and programming. It is different compared to computer hardware as they build the system and are physically present and functioning. Software(s) does not have a physical appearance and contains all the information, programs, libraries, and data of the computer.

A computer cannot operate on its own, even with the presence of hardware, and require software for operation and function. The coordination between software and hardware results in an operating computer.

Earlier, software was designed on hardware and sold together for operating computers, but later software could be stored on floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, and other devices and sold independently of the hardware. Today, with the advancement of technology and application of the internet, the software(s) are provided on the internet, from where they can be purchased and downloaded.

There are many types of software(s) but the most common software(s) are mentioned below,

Application Software:

Application software is the most commonly used software and is designed to perform a specific task for the user or any other application. An application can be an individual program or a combination of programs that coordinate together to operate the application. Some examples of application software include communication platforms, web browsers, image editors, and others.

System Software:

System software is designed to operate a computer’s program and hardware. It works as a coordinator between hardware and software. It is responsible for controlling hardware and allows the software to work. An operating system is a commonly used example of system software that manages all the programs of a computer.

Driver software

Driver software is also considered a type of system software and is responsible for controlling the devices and external hardware attached to the computer. It allows the peripherals to perform their specific functions as every external device requires at least one functioning driver to carry out its specific task. Examples may include game controllers, printers, keyboards, and USB storage devices.


Setting up a business without any physical existence can be difficult as the software requires precision and perfection. Even a small change can ruin the whole programming of computers. The key steps that can be followed to achieve the goal are mentioned below,

  • Setting up a place to accommodate team members and an office
  • Renovation of the space to give it a serious tone
  • Changing wall paints and giving it an official vibe
  • Hiring other staff members with experience in the software world to take on different projects
  • Hiring staff for performing different chores around the office such as cleaning, serving refreshments, handling reception, managing clients and appointments, handling salaries of other employees, taking care of documents and others
  • Employing good marketing strategies to let people know of the venture
  • Setting up official accounts at freelancing websites to communicate with international clients


Every business setup has its good and bad points but there are a few fields that have more good points than others. The significance of software projects can be highlighted from the following points,

  • Next technology will be digital and would not depend on the physicality of things therefore, it is necessary to learn the basics of the technology.
  • Almost every setup requires the use of a computer and laptop as it makes work easier, therefore, knowing software design and development can come in handy later
  • Making children aware of software and its functioning can open new horizons for them and can lead to new discoveries and inventions


Every business owner possesses a set of specific skills that allow them to progress through the hardships of their business and make it successful. Some of the skills that can be beneficial for the business are mentioned below,

  • Communication is a key to success as every successful conversation and deal is based on effective communication. In the business world, every person has a different temperament and attitude but tackling the situation and explaining your doing is more important which is only possible through communication
  • Management skill is crucial for every business owner as there are numerous projects in progress at the same time and clients require regular updates which can make anyone crazy but managing every project and client can do wonders for the business and also earn more business as word spreads fast in the business community.


Software project proposal document template